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Dear Friends,

BlackHistoryMonth.jpgAs we celebrate Black History Month, questions about its purpose will inevitably arise in the public discourse as they do every year. People who buy into the erroneous idea of a post-racial America believe that it’s irrelevant or even harmful. Others argue that setting aside one month ends up diminishing the 400-year old historical legacy of Black Americans.

Such questions aside, we celebrate Black History Month during a time in our collective history where it is so very clear that Black lives continue to be treated as less-than, where systems (and our individual participation in them) continue to privilege some groups at the expense of others. In such a climate, this is an opportunity to celebrate Black history and honor Black lives.

It is also an opportunity to ask ourselves--how do we build a future where Black lives matter, where all lives matter? The present always turns into the past—it becomes history. When we look back at this time, will we be proud of our collective history?

What we do in the present determines the answer to that question. At EPIP, we are working to develop and connect changemakers --- leaders who are working for a more inclusive present and a more sustainable future.


Christen Lee
Program Manager | Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy


This February, we are highlighting Measuring a Leader’s Strategic and Analytical skills, which include:

• Anticipating future needs and trends
• Creating competitive strategies and plans
• Thinking broadly when analyzing an issue or presented with a challenge

We’re also highlighting some of the ways that members are demonstrating these skills, such as:

• Writing on future trends in philanthropy or issues of interest
• Sharing examples of strategic plans they have created at work or in their volunteerism
• Highlighting a list of publications they regularly read on issues impacting the field


Through the MC MaL campaign, we want to offer a more intentional way for our members to share best practices and tools that come out of this work, while also connecting them to resources from the broader social change community. Here’s how you can participate in February:
  • Try out our sample discussion and peer coaching guides that you can use to share and exchange ideas, resources, and best practicesOrganize a brown bag lunch and try them out in your local chapter! Give us your feedback on how we can improve for the following months.  
  • Follow us on Twitter @EPIPNational and retweet our posts. Use #EPIPLeaders to follow and join in the Measuring a Leader conversation.
  • Tweet about it! Use #EPIPLeaders to share your own thoughts, ideas, or skills-related resources! 
  • Write a blog post. For example, how are you developing your Strategic and Analytical skills? Share what you’re learning through our blog! [EPIP Blogging Guidelines]
  • Is your local chapter recruiting for new steering committee members? If so, apply to serve on a steering committee! Steering committees provide additional opportunities to develop Measuring a Leader skills.
  • Check out some tools and resources developed by EPIP members and friends. Do you have a favorite resource, tool, article, book to help strengthen Strategic and Analytical skills? Share them in the comments section!
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  • Are you on a local chapter steering committee? If you and/or your local chapter might want to co-design or co-lead in this campaign, fill out our survey here and we’ll get in touch! 

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