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Why Join Us?

We develop and deliver unique and valuable programming that builds the leadership skills and knowledge base of emerging foundation professionals. We provide formal and informal career coaching, professional development, and other boosters for your career. We connect you with other EPIP members working across the field of philanthropy and nonprofits. We dissolve the boundaries that can make it difficult to start careers in philanthropy and grow within them.



For over fifteen years, EPIP has been a place for emerging leaders to learn, grow and advance. 

Today, the needs of our members and the times we live in call upon us to elevate our vision. 

Our new strategic framework does just that.

Through this new framework, we will:

Professional and Leadership Development

Develop Whole Leaders

We will deepen our work to develop our members not just as skilled professionals, but also as whole people and complete change agents.

Advocacy and Influence

Advocate and Innovate

We will promote innovation and effective practices -- and when necessary speak hard truths -- to support the success of our members and other diverse changemakers

Collective Leadershipf

Lead for Equity

We will work as part of a broader movement to advance equity in and through philanthropy

The EPIP Blog

Featured Posts

EPIP DC | Resource Flow Working Group Pilot

Posted on June 07, 2021
“We envision a world where systems, cultures and individuals 
support the wellbeing and self-determination of all people and the planet,  
with care for past, present, and future life.”
- Miki Kashtan
EPIP DC in partnership with Communities in Transition (CIT) are inviting you to co-create and pilot with us a Resource Flow Working Group (RFWG).

What if the most powerful step you could take towards social change lies within your organization? Amidst the roaring global call for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion, the tides of philanthropy are turning towards greater trust, flexibility, and participation. Those who are seizing the moment are finding far too often that our institutions are stuck, stuck in old mindsets, antiquated practices and outdated policies. Proposing change can get sticky and even be risky.


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Reading & Resources: May 2021

Posted on June 03, 2021

As we count down to R/evolution, EPIP’s 2021 Virtual National Conference, we’re getting inspired by the words that come from our speakers and feature in our programming:

In Inside Philanthropy, Isabel Sousa-Rodriguez digs deeper into what makes a bad grant and how funders can shift their thinking about these grants to focus on community impact, learning, and the grantmaking process. 

R/evolution will also feature a sneak peek at our revamped Philanthropology curriculum, which gives a grounding in philanthropy with a social justice lens - the full program’s resource list includes this timely article by Michael Selzer in Chronicle of Philanthropy, which looks at lessons that can be learned for COVID-19  from philanthropy’s response to the AIDS crisis.

Plenary speaker Derecka Purnell’s book Becoming Abolitionists: Police, Protests, and the Pursuit of Freedom won’t be out until October, but her article “The System is Built For Power, Not Justice” is a great primer. 

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EPIP 2021 Conference Spotlight: Plenaries

Posted on May 11, 2021

What does it mean to celebrate a 20th anniversary, virtually? What’s the right mix of looking back, taking stock of our present moment, and looking forward? How do we center the wisdom of those who have come before us while boldly envisioning new futures? These are some of the questions we’ve been asking among our conference committee, staff, and board as we embrace this virtual anniversary season and prepare for the 2021 EPIP Virtual National Conference.

We're thrilled with the mix of voices, perspectives, and histories that will help us answer these pressing questions and ground our conference programming in three signature plenaries - Philanthropy Reimagined: 20 Years of ChangemakingCollective Loss: Collective Care: What We Need From Our Institutions, and A World Without Philanthropy: Imagining Liberation

R/evolution Plenaries: June 7th - Philanthropy Reimagined: 20 Years of Changemaking, June 9th - Collective Loss: Collective Care: What We Need From Our Institutions, June 10th - A World Without Philanthropy: Imagining Liberation. 

These plenary sessions will feature leaders including Derecka PurnellBeatrice Lors-RousseauKiyomi Fujikawa, Sandy Nathan, Anthony Simmons, and more. Learn more below and register at to witness and learn from their brilliance.

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EPIP 2021 Conference Spotlight: Communities of Practice

Posted on May 07, 2021

Join us at our 2021 Conference, R/evolution, for the formal launch of EPIP’s new communities of practice and a celebration of our long-running People of Color Network (PCN)!

Over the last few months, we’ve been meeting with members, researching with other philanthropy serving organizations, and connecting with our CHANGE partners. As a result of this relationship-building and deep listening, we’re thrilled to be launching two new communities of practice at our virtual conference. Click here for more on the conference or to register.

The first community of practice, for emerging women of color, will serve dual purposes of strengthening the professional networks for early- to mid-career women of color in philanthropy and strengthening interpersonal leadership skills so that women of color advance and thrive in the sector. The second community of practice, in response to requests from white members of EPIP, will support white practitioners in building greater accountability in their work to combat white dominant culture within philanthropy, and to sharpen their allyship and advocacy skills. Finally, we’re thrilled to bring renewed energy and intention to our long-standing People of Color Network, for EPIP members who identify as people of color.

We hope you'll join us as we dive into these new opportunities for the EPIP community to connect and grow together!

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