The Inclusive Leadership Framework

EPIP envisions a world where people of all identities can live full and prosperous lives, supported by a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and effective philanthropic sector. To realize this vision, we push ourselves and our members to think more critically about our role as philanthropic professionals and work towards becoming inclusive philanthropic professionals who center equity in all facets of our work and interactions with others. 

We have identified seven cornerstones that are key to this approach to inclusive leadership - critical tools and skills that build agency for sustainable social change while building a sector that welcomes it. Within each cornerstone page linked below, you will find information, resources, and events that move us all towards a more inclusive approach to our leadership. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

The Cornerstones of Inclusive Leadership


Resource Mobilization

Organizational Leadership & Governance

Advocacy & Policy

Interpersonal Leadership

Equity Analysis

Sector Knowledge