Communities of Practice

EPIP's communities of practice are designed to give all EPIP members - whether or not you are near an EPIP chapter or work for one of our institutional members - the space and support to develop as an inclusive leader. Each community of practice offers identity-based networking, professional development opportunities, and peer coaching - an opportunity to find and build a home base within the philanthropic sector.

The People of Color Network

The People of Color Network (PCN) is a professional development and peer support network for EPIP members who identify as people of color. The PCN began in 2012 to support early- and mid-career people of color in philanthropy in attending sector conferences. Since then, it has evolved to involve workshops, a PCN-specific newsletter, and networking opportunities. The PCN uses the EPIP Inclusive Leadership Framework as a basis for skill-building and focus. 

The PCN is designed to address the intersections of challenges and opportunities that are unique to emerging people of color in the sector. The spaces we provide, whether in person or virtual, are places where we hope you can show up in your wholeness to connect, vent, share strategies with peers, and learn key skills. 

Past topics have included: building cross-racial and cross-organizational solidarity; peer coaching around workplace dilemmas; self-care workshop for BIPOC nonprofit and philanthropy folks; tools for working with white supervisors or predominantly white leadership teams. 

Who can participate? 

Any EPIP members who identify as people of color are welcome to participate in the network. [Click here to sign up.]

Emerging Women of Color Community of Practice

The Emerging Women of Color community of practice was launched in 2022, focused on leadership development and network weaving for early- and mid-career women of color in philanthropy. Created in response to member requests, this community provides leadership development through the lens of race and gender. It will also work to connect early-career women of color with a network of peers so that it takes less effort to ‘find your people’ in the field. 

The community of practice will address the unique experiences and challenges of early- and mid-career women of color in philanthropy. The spaces we provide, whether in person or virtual, are designed to allow you to show up in your wholeness to connect, vent, share strategies with peers, and learn key skills. 

We ask that participants make at least a one-year commitment to this community of practice to get the most of out of the experience.  

Past topics have included: workplace and pay negotiation strategies; unique challenges and tools for supporting "work/life/family balance"; understanding internalized racism and ancestral knowledges; visioning for a robust community. 

Who can participate? 

Any EPIP members who identify as women of color are invited to join this community of practice. At EPIP, our understanding of women is expansive and includes anyone for whom the term resonates, including trans women and femmes. While this space welcomes all gender minorities of color, we recognize that the community may not meet the needs of all gender identities and expressions. [Click here to sign up.]

Questions about fit? Please email Elyse Gordon, Director of Programs, at [email protected] 

White Affinity Community of Practice 

EPIP launched this space in 2021 to provide a rigorous and supportive environment for members who identify as white to: 

  • deepen knowledge of antiracism and develop skills and strategies to advance racial equity and inclusive leadership practices in philanthropy 
  • unpack and process the harmful effects of white privilege and white supremacy culture including how both show up within individuals and institutions 
  • discuss shared challenges and experiences 

Early- and mid-career white EPIP members have cited these affinity spaces as important parts of their anti-racist journeys within the sector. Many anti-racist resources, cohorts and peer groups in philanthropy are designed for senior leaders. This community provides learning and accountability for early- and mid-career practitioners to support systems change at all levels of leadership. 

This community requires a six-month commitment to meet monthly for facilitated discussion and peer coaching around topics of identity, white privilege, white supremacy culture, and anti-racism. 

The Winter cohort for the next community of practiced kicked off in February 2024. Stay tuned for future iterations of this community of practice! 

Who can participate? 

Any EPIP members who identify as white are welcome to attend. The space will be most beneficial to those who are invested in unpacking white supremacy culture where it resides within them individually and within their institutions. [Click here to sign up for updates.]


Email Elyse Gordon, Director of Programs: [email protected]