Offsite & Onsite Learning Experiences

Offsite Learning Experiences:

Day 1 - September 13 - 3:30 to 5:00 pm

This year we present three opportunities for Offsite Learning Experiences in Baltimore. Created by EPIP Planning Committee members, in close collaboration and connection with local leaders.

Click on the session headlines below to learn more about each session and RSVP.

You must RSVP through these links to be able to participate.


Onsite Learning Experiences: 

Healing Spaces to Replenish the Soul

Days 2 & 3 - September 14 & 15 

Closed Group Healing Sessions will run throughout the day on September 14. Sessions are custom designed to best serve different racial identity groups and will be conducted with up to 25 participants in each group. EPIP attendees will be guided through an experience where they are encouraged to move from “head work” to “heart work” as they explore how their souls are impacted by and connected to the philanthropic work that they do. Click here to learn more about the track and the session facilitator.

Sign up for sessions live at the conference registration table at the event. 

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