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This May, through our MC MaL campaign, EPIP is highlighting the skill of Decision-making. Over the last six months, we've shared different resources and ways that EPIP members can practice Measuring a Leader skills and values. Measuring a Leader is more than a professional development tool.  While we want to support the professional development of emerging leaders, we also want to challenge them to think beyond the next job or the next promotion up the organizational ladder. We want to develop leaders who work collectively toward a more sustainable and equitable world. 

Last week, the Joint Affinity Groups (JAG), of which EPIP is a member, released a statement on the Baltimore uprising. The statement called for philanthropic leaders to "use their bully pulpits to speak out on issues of police accountability and to invest in grantees and leaders who can build power within the most vulnerable communities and move with urgency to make it happen." Although most of us are not foundation presidents or foundation board members or hold other positions of official senior leadership, to work in philanthropy and the social sector is to work from a place of privilege.  When we have privilege, we have the privilege to decide whether or not to remain silent on issues of injustice, to decide whether or not to take action.  

For those who decide they cannot remain silent, for those who decide to take action, here are a few resources:


Christen Lee
Program Manager | Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy


This May, we are highlighting Measuring a Leader’s Decision-Making skills, which include:

• Making timely and well-considered decisions
• Considering the input of others when making decisions
• Taking a systematic approach when making decisions

We’re also highlighting some of the ways that members are demonstrating these skills, such as:

• Seeking leadership opportunities through work or volunteerism that requires regular analysis and decision-making


Throughout the MC MaL campaign, we want to offer a more intentional way for our members to share best practices and tools that come out of this work, while also connecting them to resources from the broader social change community. Here’s how you can participate in May:

  • Try out our sample discussion and peer coaching guides that you can use to share and exchange ideas, resources, and best practicesOrganize a brown bag lunch and try them out in your local chapter! Give us your feedback on how we can improve for the following months.  
  • Follow us on Twitter @EPIPNational and retweet our posts. Use #EPIPLeaders to follow and join in the Measuring a Leader conversation.
  • Tweet about it! Use #EPIPLeaders to share your own thoughts, ideas, or skills-related resources! 
  • Write a blog post. For example, how are you developing your Decision-Making skills? Share what you’re learning through our blog! [EPIP Blogging Guidelines]
  • Is your local chapter recruiting for new steering committee members? If so, apply to serve on a steering committee! Steering committees provide additional opportunities to develop Measuring a Leader skills.
  • Check out some tools and resources developed by EPIP members and friends. Do you have a favorite resource, tool, article, book to help strengthen Decision-Making skills? Share them in the comments section!
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  • Are you on a local chapter steering committee? If you and/or your local chapter might want to co-design or co-lead in this campaign, fill out our survey here and we’ll get in touch! 

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