EPIP 2021 Conference Spotlight: Communities of Practice

Join us at our 2021 Conference, R/evolution, for the formal launch of EPIP’s new communities of practice and a celebration of our long-running People of Color Network (PCN)!

Over the last few months, we’ve been meeting with members, researching with other philanthropy serving organizations, and connecting with our CHANGE partners. As a result of this relationship-building and deep listening, we’re thrilled to be launching two new communities of practice at our virtual conference. Click here for more on the conference or to register.

The first community of practice, for emerging women of color, will serve dual purposes of strengthening the professional networks for early- to mid-career women of color in philanthropy and strengthening interpersonal leadership skills so that women of color advance and thrive in the sector. This 2-hour deep dive will include a workshop led by former EPIP Advisory Board Chair Jasmine Hall Ratliff that explores the intersections of race and gender for emerging leaders, as well as a visioning session to help grow the future of the community of practice. Please hold Friday, June 11, 2-4 pm EST for the kick-off of this community

The second community of practice, in response to requests from white members of EPIP, will support white practitioners in building greater accountability in their work to combat white dominant culture within philanthropy, and to sharpen their allyship and advocacy skills. This 2-hour deep dive will feature a workshop led by Meena Malik and Allegra Fletcher on white supremacy cultural norms within philanthropy, as well as some norms and expectations for the community of practice. Please hold Tuesday, June 8, 3-5 pm EST for the kick off of this community

Finally, we’re thrilled to bring renewed energy and intention to our long-standing People of Color Network, for EPIP members who identify as people of color. The 2-hour deep dive will feature a workshop on coaching skills specifically for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) leaders with Steve Lew, as well as time to deepen connection with PCN peers from across the country.  Please hold Friday, June 11, 12-2 pm EST for this community of practice deep dive.

We hope you'll join us as we dive into these new opportunities for the EPIP community to connect and grow together!

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