Webinar Recap - Meet CHANGE Philanthropy

CHANGE Philanthropy (formerly known as Joint Affinity Groups) was founded in 1993 to unify identity-focused philanthropic affinity groups into an empowered coalition between our seven core partners. Collectively, we are working to integrate diversity, inclusion, and social justice into philanthropic practice. As the work of our individual partners organizations developed and deepened, so did our need to strategically address equity.  In 2015, JAG began to rethink our work, refocus our energy and transform into CHANGE Philanthropy. CHANGE_Philanthropy_small.jpg

What makes CHANGE Philanthropy unique is an advocacy of community priorities of partners with an intersectional approach. Each partner organization organizes resources and builds connections and represent the communities that they promote. That lived experience shapes our work every day, giving us a connection to the strengths and assets of different communities as well as to their needs. Together, we’re working to raise the level of dialog and shift practice among funders so that philanthropic dollars are dispersed through equitable practices that take the true concerns of all communities to heart.

Join this webinar to learn more about what CHANGE Philanthropy from our Coalition Catalyst,  Carly Hare. She will share the fresh mission, vision and focus areas, as well as a preview of the tools and resources CHANGE will be making available and the opportunities to be part of the movement.



Learn more about the presenter:

CarlyHare.pngCarly Hare (Pawnee/Yankton) strives to live a commitment to advancing equity and community engagement through her professional and personal life. Carly recently stepped into the role of the Coalition Catalyst/National Director for CHANGE Philanthropy in 2015. Carly most recently served as Native Americans in Philanthropy’s Executive Director from 2010-2015 after five years of membership, and serving on the NAP Board of Directors. Carly has served on planning committees and presented at over 30 conferences at the intersection of equity and philanthropy. Carly held the position of the Director of Development for the Native American Rights Fund from 2009-2010. She served as Director of Programs for The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County for five years. She is a proud daughter, sister, auntie, ally, friend, advocate. Carly’s Pawnee name is <i kita u hoo <i  ]a  hiks which translates into kind leader of men.


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