Webinar Recap - Financial Health Dashboard Orientation

Financial trends dashboard orientation & overview. 

Attendees received guidance on how to use this new free tool that utilizes four years of financial data to show a snapshot of a nonprofit’s financial health. Who should watch: funders interested in understanding current and potential grantees’ financial standing; nonprofits interested in how to shore up their finances and better understand which financial indicators tells the “health” of their organization.




Learn more about the presenters:

Nicole Kyauk, Senior Progam Officer with the East Bay Community Foundation

Nicole Kyauk works closely with the Foundation’s partners and with donors. She facilitates the Foundation’s Youth Development Donor Circle and coordinates the Alameda County Funders Forum. She manages grantmaking processes on behalf of the Foundation’s donors, the East Bay Fund for Artists and the Open Circle Foundation. She is the Co-Chair of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy and a member of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy. She holds a B.A in Communication and Sociology – Organizational Studies from University of California Davis and an M.A in Public Administration from California State University, East Bay.

Polly Singh, Program Officer, The Wallace Foundation

​Polly Singh joined The Wallace Foundation in 2002 and was named a program officer in 2012. Since she began at Wallace, she has worked in the afterschool program area. Singh oversees grants primarily in Wallace’s expanded learning and strengthening financial management initiatives. She also helps manage StrongNonprofits.org, a Wallace website that shares best practices in financial management for afterschool providers. Before joining Wallace, Singh worked at Morgan Stanley and The Century Foundation. She has a bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College, where she majored in Spanish and Latin American studies, and a master’s degree in public administration from the School of Public Affairs at Baruch College. 

Hilda H. Polanco, CPA Founder and CEO, FMA

As Founder and CEO, Hilda has led FMA to become the capacity builder foundation and nonprofit leaders seek to address financial management issues and build fiscal strength. A nationally recognized and sought after leader in the field, she provides direct capacity building, training and coaching services to foundations and nonprofits throughout the country. Hilda served on the NYC Human Services Council’s special commission to study the closure of high-profile human services organizations. She also serves as Chair of the Board of Directors for the New York Better Business Bureau Foundation, as well as on the Board (as Audit Committee Chair) for Acelero Learning, an organization that works with local communities to support high quality Head Start programs. Additionally, she serves on the National Advisory Board of the Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy and is Treasurer of the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers.

John Summers, Director of Consulting, FMA

John works as part of FMA’s engagement teams to analyze business opportunities or challenges facing nonprofit organizations, and to provide recommendations that link mission goals with financial realities. His support enables organizations to improve their financial health by addressing their underlying business models, enabling leaders to plan effectively for the resources necessary to carry out their missions. He has directed projects for organizations in the education, arts, and health care fields. John also heads FMA’s research initiatives. He was a lead author of a study commissioned by The Wallace Foundation of administrative management capacity in out-of-school time organizations, as well as a Hewlett Foundation study of the financial health of organizations in the Foundation’s performing arts portfolio. He also managed the development of strongnonprofits.org, a suite of resources for nonprofit financial management available on The Wallace Foundation’s website.


FMA.pngFMA’s vision is to build operational excellence and financial strength in the social sector. Since its founding in 1999, FMA has been a partner to more than 1,000 nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, building their fiscal capacity and administrative infrastructure. Our work includes partnering with organizations in making critical decisions on how best to use available resources to carry out their mission and achieve long-term financial sustainability. FMA currently employs a staff of 30 professionals of diverse and varied backgrounds across four locations nationwide. We deploy a team-based approach to our work, collaborating closely with clients to develop and test customized solutions to the real-world financial and operational challenges nonprofit organizations face.

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