Webinar Recap - Beautifying Communities Through Conservancies and Land Trusts

Children today are spending more time indoors with technology than ever before. It is critical that we inspire love of nature in younger and emerging generations to protect our environments. Species are in danger of going extinct as we all become increasingly desensitized to nature. If new and next generations have little or no relationship with the outdoors, then the future of our local and national parks are in trouble. We must become advocates for our natural spaces and defend our ecosystems. 

This webinar offers you an overview of land trusts (aka conservancies), how they operate, and what they can do to help you beautify your local schools and communities. If you've ever dreamed of transforming a vacant lot into a neighborhood sanctuary, then this webinar is for you. It is presented by John F. Rohe, a retired attorney. Mr. Rohe has practiced law in the field of land conservation for over three decades. He offers insights on strategies you can deploy in harnessing the resources of a land trust in building a better community today.


About the Presenter:


John Rohe - Vice President – Philanthropy, Colcom Foundation

Mr. Rohe practiced law for 30 years in northern Michigan before accepting a position in philanthropy in 2006. He has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and is a former Peace Corps Volunteer. During his law practice, he organized and represented land trusts, wrote their operating documents, authored articles in a variety of publications, and regularly spoke at land trust conferences.




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