Webinar recap - Talent-Focused Grantmaking: Fund the People for Impact and Sustainability

September 10, 2014

EPIP Webinar | Talent-Focused Grantmaking: Fund the People for Impact and Sustainability

Funding nonprofit talent is a vital but often overlooked piece of the grantmaking puzzle. This webinar offered an in-depth examination of talent-focused grantmaking and nonprofit leadership development. It was led by the President and CEO of the Talent Philanthropy Project (and EPIP’s Founder and former Executive Director), Rusty Stahl as well as Stephanie Andrews ( Leadership Development Director at the Bush Foundation) and Tom Fuechtmann (Program Officer at the Community Memorial Foundation) - two funders with extensive experience in this work. Rusty, Stephanie and Tom discussed how factors are necessitating this shift; how these practices are being implemented on the ground; and how to explore talent-focused grantmaking in one’s own work.


Additional Resources:

Go to: http://www.talentphilanthropy.org/plus/

Contact Info:

Stephanie Andrews: W: www.bushfound.org E: sandrews@bushfound.org T: (651) 227-0891 Tw: @bushfoundation FB: facebook.com/bushfoundation

Tom Fuechtmann: W: www.cmfdn.org E: tfuechtmann@cmfdn.org T: (630) 654-4729 FB: facebook.com/communitymemorialfoundation

Rusty Stahl: W: www.talentphilanthropy.org E: rustystahl@talentphilanthropy.org T: (917) 627-7374 Tw: @fundthepeople


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