Webinar Recap – EPIP/Public Allies Webinar: Social Impact Bonds 102

April 2, 2014

EPIP/Public Allies Webinar: Social Impact Bonds 102

As a follow up to our 2/26/14 webinar, Social Impact Bonds 101, Robert Esposito and Shawn Pelsinger, two NYU Law and Social Enterprise Fellows, joined us to expand upon our original discussion with a deeper look into the growth of SIB's in the Unites States and the implications for the philanthropic sector. Our two experts took us through a number of recent developments around SIB's in the U.S., including the fate of guarantors, the growth of multiple-funding sources, the expanding position of investment banks for financing and the ultimate role of foundations and philanthropy. This was the second webinar in a four-part series with Public Allies.


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