Webinar recap - Crowdfunding 101

July 30, 2014

EPIP/Public Allies Webinar: Crowdfunding 101

EPIP and Public Allies partnered for the third webinar in a four-part webinar series: "the future of funding social change", with two NYU Law and Social Enterprise Fellows. Our presenters led us through an exploration of crowdfunding, discussing at length what this new tool means for the future of funding, philanthropy and social change and how it can be used to make an impact. In "Crowdfunding 101", these two social enterprise experts elaborated on the nuts and bolts of the process, examined how impending legal changes may take effect, and explored the potential consequences for funders, governments, fundraising and the social sector as a whole.


  • Robert Esposito, Law and Social Enterprise Fellow, NYU
  • Shawn Pelsinger, Law and Social Enterprise Fellow, NYU

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