Webinar Recap - Catalyzing Change with Communications and Comedy

March 26, 2014

EPIP Webinar: Catalyzing Change with Communications and Comedy

EPIP spoke with Mik Moore and Miriam Fogelson of Moore + Associates, a cutting-edge communications firm experienced with foundations, nonprofits, political operations and a plethora of well-known public figures. Mik and Miriam led an fascinating 60-minute conversation about how we can all use creative, innovative and strategic communications to achieve our social change goals. They discussed how utilizing and investing in ongoing communications efforts is so important for effective change-making, especially since foundations and nonprofits are navigating an increasingly clamorous landscape. Participants learned about M+A's work in movement building, social impact campaigns and progressive, comedic get-out-the-vote initiatives. They also learned how nonprofits and foundations can use communications and comedy to elevate their message and "be heard above the noise". 

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