Webinar Flashback - Open Sourcing Social Change

Webinar - Open-Sourcing Social Change: Engaging networks for social justice and leadership development

August 19, 2013

Designed and led by EPIP-NY Steering Committee member, Tamir Novotny (Senior Policy Associate, Living Cities), this webinar focused on ways for philanthropic organizations to collaborate to produce results. Other speakers included: June Holley of Network Weaver Consultants Network and Nadia Owusu, Senior Associate for Knowledge and Organizational Development, Living Cities. The speakers discussed strategies to “open-source social change” such as mobilizing networks, co-creating innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems, sharing learnings from work, and engaging with non-traditional partners. The webinar also examined what it means to open-source social change, explored examples of this work in practice, discussed ways to enact this approach in members’ own work, and identified the opportunities this approach creates for leadership development for emerging practitioners of social justice work. 

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