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We're constantly working to improve our programs to better meet members' needs. In response to your requests for more support in organizing your professional development, EPIP National has been working to develop and refine two member resources: Measuring a Leader and Member Connect. Measuring a Leader (MaL) is a set of 7 skills and values that EPIP, in collaboration with human resources experts, has identified as vital for emerging leaders in the social change sector. Member Connect (MC) is EPIP’s online member community/interactive toolkit wherein EPIPers can search for and connect with other members, access and create new content to learn and practice the MaL skills, and closely track their MaL skills development. These two complementary resources are known collectively as MC MaL. Some of you may have heard of MC MaL at the June 2014 Chapter Leader Gathering in Washington D.C.

Starting this month, EPIP is launching a seven-month MC MaL applied learning campaign to raise awareness and highlight different ways that members can learn or practice a specific skill. Each month will focus on one of the seven Measuring a Leader skill sets. We have dedicated November to Measuring a Leader’s Influencing and Fundraising skill set.

We believe everything our members are currently doing, whether through their EPIP chapter or at their workplace, falls under the MaL skills. When an EPIP member writes a blog post or leads a webinar, he or she is demonstrating and strengthening Communication and Analytical skills. When a local chapter organizes a Giving Tuesday event or launches a giving circle, they are sharpening their Influencing and Fundraising skills. Through the MC MaL campaign, we want to offer a more intentional way for our members to share best practices and tools that come out of this work, while also connecting them to resources from the broader social change community. Here’s how you can participate throughout November and beyond:

Since November is dedicated to Influencing and Fundraising, we’ve developed sample discussion and peer case study guides that you can use to share and exchange ideas, resources, and best practices around Influencing and Fundraising. Organize a brown bag lunch and try them out! Give us your feedback on how we can improve for the following months. Our plan is to develop guides for each of the seven skill sets. December will focus on Leadership and Management, January will focus on Communication.

  • Follow us on Twitter @EPIPNational and retweet our posts. Use #EPIPLeaders to follow and join in the Measuring a Leader conversation.
  • Tweet about it! Use #EPIPLeaders to share your own thoughts, ideas, or skills-related resources! Examples:
    • Member Sharon Rice recently shared about an upcoming diversity workshop as an opportunity for Philly members to develop Measuring a Leader’s social justice and racial analysis skills.
    • EPIP-DC recently tweeted: Leadership is more than a buzzword. Real ways to build your leadership muscles: http://www.epip.org/MaL #EPIPLeader.
  • Write a blog post. For example, how are you developing your Influencing and Fundraising skills? Are you participating in Giving Tuesday? Share what you’re learning through our blog!
  • Is your local chapter recruiting for new steering committee members? If so, apply to be a steering committee member! Steering committee provides additional opportunities to develop Measuring a Leader skills.
  • Check out some of the Influencing and Fundraising tools and resources developed by EPIP members and friends. Do you have a favorite resource, tool, article, book about Influencing or Fundraising? Share them in the comments section!
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Join our LinkedIn group

We’re also updating our website and we’ll provide additional resources and opportunities for our individual and collective efforts to make the world more just, equitable, and sustainable. We are each other’s greatest resource. Thank you sincerely for your support and participation.

Rahsaan K. Harris, PhD
Executive Director
Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

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