Round-up of Blog Posts on EPIP 2011 National Conference

The EPIP 2011 National Conference generated an incredible amount of buzz in philanthropy's blogosphere. In this post, we provide links to many of the blog posts related to the conference content and experience. The authors include EPIP members and leaders, conference speakers, and senior leaders in the field. Thanks to all for the enthusiasm and analysis!

Unfortunately because we have pulled these link and titles from a variety of source websites, the font formatting has been a challenge. Please pardon the appearance and focus on the important content.

Maisha Simmons: The Experiences of An Emerging Leader at National Philanthropy Conferences here

Alfonso Wenker: Pearls of Wisdom from EPIP's National Conference here

Chanelle Gandy: Reflections from a Millennial here

Chris Cardona: Let the River Run: on confluence (or not) of EPIP 2011 National Conference) & Council on Foundations 2011 Annual Conference here

Christine Reeves, NCRP: Top Ten Lessons from Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy here

Another Multiplier Effect: Invest in Talent Development – Part One here, Part Two here

Trista Harris: I Told You EPIP Was Awesome here

Tammie Power Dynamics (from #epip11): here

Christi Tran: Caught in the Headlights here

Richard Woo: Fountain of Youth here

Holly Wolf: Letter to COF Conference Attendees here

Sterling Spiern: Promoting Intergenerational Leadership & Racial Justice in Philanthropy here

Kris Putnam Walkerly and Rusty Stahl: EPIP Provides Support and Opportunity for Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy here

Kris Putnam Walkerly and Rusty Stahl: Advancing the Next Generation: EPIP’s Impact on Philanthropy here

Added bonus: a post I just found from last year, which addresses the intersection of race, class and power dynamics amongst funders, a critical topic at the 2011 EPIP National Conference:

Annah Sidigu: Can Philanthropy Become the Change that It Wishes to See? Reflections from EPIP and ABFE Conferences (2010) here

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