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Job Description

Social Impact 360 (SI360) is the only youth-led movement for business for good. We train young adults in social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship at colleges nationwide. SI360’s alumni are young revolutionary CEO’s and innovative leaders at top companies like Google, Tesla, and Deloitte. SI360 instills a socially conscious mindset through entrepreneurship and business training for social issues that produces values-oriented leaders ready to solve the world’s most pressing issues. SI360 alumni are transforming into the Service Corps for Business for Good to help companies transform into socially responsible businesses that meet the bottom line, so we can all “do well and do good.”

The Social Impact 360 Board of Directors is a hands-on governing body. We expect all Directors to become thoroughly conversant in SI360’s mission and values, to engage in the organization’s strategic planning, and to assist in bringing their unique talents and skills to the table with the greater goal of supporting our brilliant students in their entrepreneurial journey through mentorship, connections, in-kind support, and by raising and donating money to the SI360 program.

Specific duties of every Director include:

  • Attend all quarterly Board meetings (¾ meetings per year required to be active)
  • Review agendas and supporting materials before all meetings
  • Review and respond to communications from the Board Chair(s), Board Officers, and Executive Director in a timely manner
  • Give: Make a personal contribution or company/organizational contribution of at least $15,000 annually
  • Get: Fundraise or contribute to the program annually and/or provide verifiable in-kind support of at least $15,000 annually
  • Attend our annual conference
  • Stay engaged by attending events and being a mentor
  • Support the organization by leveraging your connections, serving on a committee, acting as an ambassador for Social Impact 360, taking on special projects, fundraising and sales, and staying up-to-date on developments in the social entrepreneurship field
  • Each board member is responsible for nominating 2 new members of the board at the end of their tenure to ensure board continuity
  • Assist the Board in carrying out our fiduciary responsibilities, such as reviewing the budget quarterly and financial statements annually

Directors are asked to serve a three (3) year term. The term can be renewed 2 times, and then again after a one year hiatus.

In addition to the above duties, our Directors generally embrace the following characteristics:

  • Enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship/”intrapreneurship” and corporate social values
  • Strength in listening to diverse viewpoints and being open to unusual ideas
  • The desire to interact with other Directors as not just colleagues, but as friends, mentors, and mentees
  • Excitement to work with students and in the field of high education
  • Professionalism in communications and in following through on commitments

You can learn more about Social Impact 360 by reading our website, education model, or speaking with a current Director.

To Apply

If interested, please contact Allison Alt, Executive Director, at [email protected].


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