Giving Tuesday 2019

As an organization founded nearly 20 years ago to bring together changemakers who have committed their lives to making giving more equitable and philanthropy more just, we love Giving Tuesday. It's a day when people all over the world come together and embrace the spirit of philanthropy by supporting the organizations, causes, and movements that matter to them. 

What matters to us? Making sure that the giving we do - as individuals, as institutions, and as a sector - is leading us to a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. That drive is what led us to develop our Giving Tuesday Toolkit to encourage giving to community organizers and organizations led by people of color.

We hope you'll take a look as you give, whether to our work, to another organization working for equity and social justice, or both.

Our passion for this work, and our mission to strive for equity and excellence in philanthropy, are also the reason that in the past year alone, we've:

  • brought together people of color in the sector for a regional People of Color Network meeting in Philadelphia
  • helped all people to be better allies with our training on Dismantling Anti-Blackness in the Workplace
  • continued to partner with CHANGE Philanthropy and other organizations that share our vision of the future of the sector
  • and supported our chapters across the country as they help practitioners in their communities make connections, learn new skills and ways of approaching their work, and demonstrate their leadership.

We are already looking forward to a 2020 that will move us that much closer to our vision, whether we're bringing the EPIP community together at our 2020 conference to learn from the past and look towards the future, introducing a new framework for what it means to be an inclusive leader, or continuing to push the sector to be a place where all practitioners can bring their full selves to the table

This Giving Tuesday, we'd be honored if you gave to our ongoing work, but most importantly, we ask you to give to organizations that support our vision of the future. Let us know how you're giving this year with #epipgives.