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Global Health Corps (GHC) is building a new generation of global health leadership. We believe that solving the world’s most pressing global health challenges requires better and more connected leaders who are able to work across traditional boundaries like geography, sector, and issue area to engineer stronger global health systems. We need more than clinicians and providers; we need management consultants, engineers, artists, and architects. We need new leadership voices and new perspectives, especially those representing the populations most often left out and unheard.

GHC recruits emerging leaders from around the world and a diversity of skill sets, and then provides these fellows with a unique leadership development program that equips them to address a wide range of health issues with high-impact grassroots organizations, NGOs, and ministries of health in Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, and the United States. Fellowship positions are demand-driven, ensuring that our fellows fill real-time health systems gaps and serve to amplify the great work already in progress.

The Opportunity

We are incorporating a sales-focused model of fundraising, and looking to hire a Fundraising Leader who can drive the implementation of our fundraising strategy, with a heavy emphasis on being out of the office as much as possible, talking with prospects about the impact of Global Health Corps, and generating funding results from those conversations.

The ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Has a connection to the mission and approach of Global Health Corps, which could include experiences with developing cultural humility or an understanding of privilege and power dynamics; or work with social entrepreneurs or public health issues.
  • Has evident success in sales, business development, or fundraising that aligns with this model: Love of sharing stories, boldness in asking, persistence in following up. This person will have a record of closing significant gifts or accounts, particularly from building authentic relationships with new prospects - and ideally through selling the growth of something (such as a start-up).
  • Loves to follow a proven process – rather than being too focused on all the detail, they concentrate on outlining the strategy and most critical details needed to work each prospect or opportunity, from initial preparation and phone call to the final follow-through.
  • Excels in a fast-growing and changing environment – this is someone who is a natural builder, who doesn’t need systems and hierarchy to thrive, who happily books their own visits and travel, and who is sensitive to how other people experience change, and knows how to introduce new ideas thoughtfully.
  • Keeps people focused on the goal – has experience influencing people without having a formal management role. In particular, this person excels at upward management, understanding how to keep leaders and peers moving toward results.
  • Strategically contributes to improving their organization’s processes – this person may not be a detail-oriented systematizer, but is someone who understands the value and impact of effective, simple processes, and will champion those in the organization. And, this person actually uses systems because they believe in their value!
  • Is growth-minded – a life-long learner, always looking for opportunities to make new connections and improve what they do. And, they take feedback in stride – requesting it, processing it, and applying it with resiliency.
  • Is human-centered – The ideal candidate understands that underlying everything – especially in fundraising – is the ability to connect with other people, and to continue growing the results of those connections.

The Responsibilities

The Fundraising Leader is a new position for GHC, and the nature of the responsibilities will grow and change over time, and based on the new hire’s strengths and background. The emphasis for the first year will be on implementing the sales-based fundraising model and strategy – working the process to identify new prospects, build strategies to engage them, and make visits and asks – while managing the overall fundraising prospect pipeline for GHC.

This role requires influencing and “managing” others who are part of the broader fundraising team, without having formal management responsibilities. Over time, this role may grow into a functional leader as the needs of GHC expand.

The specific responsibilities of this role fall into these primary areas:

  • Sales Process Management:
    • Own the process and tools of managing prospects and progress to goals.
    • Model effective prospect strategy and engagement for the team.
    • Run regular sales team meetings to ensure accountability and progress to fundraising goals.
    • Collaborate with colleagues on stewardship and grant management needs.
  • Owner of a fundraising portfolio:
    • Identify and prioritize new prospects from diverse sources (including current investors), in collaboration with the GHC leadership, and other key leaders and supporters, to exceed the organization’s fundraising needs.
    • Conduct prospect research, analysis, and strategy. Plan and strategize prospect predisposition and visits, including engaging leadership, board members, and supporters as needed.
    • Visit with prospects and make asks, sometimes leading, and sometimes supporting.
    • Manage prospect follow-up activities, coordinating with the team to close gifts.
  • Contributing member of the team:
    • Participate in team selling for funding opportunities as needed.
    • Seek out opportunities to build expertise about GHC’s work.
    • Build relationships with organizational leaders and supporters.

Location & Travel. Ideally, this position is based in our New York City headquarters, and will require approximately 30-40% travel, primarily within the U.S., with occasional international travel to program countries.

Compensation & Benefits. This is a full time, exempt position with a comprehensive benefits package. Salary is competitive and commensurate with level of experience. 

To Apply: 


Partnering with GHC for this search is For Impact | The Suddes Group. We combine our decades of experience in talent, leadership, and organizational development with our 35+ years helping 5,000+ organizations raise over $2 Billion. We believe that success lies in the ability to commit to a fundraising model that focuses on sharing the impact that will help drive income to sustain and grow the organization. 


We are a community of leaders who are proud to represent many different national, racial, ethnic, socio-economic, religious, gender, and other identities. We represent varied professional backgrounds, collaborating across fields and sectors to form a powerful, close-knit network of changemakers. Our diversity as a community is our strength, driving our ability to be empathetic, visionary, and effective leaders in the health equity movement, and engage with the world with dignity and respect.

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