Executive Director (RG)

Title:   Executive Director

Reports to:   Resource Generation Board Co-­chairs
Applications due by Tuesday, September 20th, 2016.

Start Date:   December 10th, 2016

Location: Location is flexible with preference for applicants who are based in or willing to relocate to NYC.

Compensation: Salary range starts in the mid­ $60,000s. Generous benefits include health, vision, and dental insurance, 403(b) plan, and three weeks of paid   vacation.

To apply: Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Please put “ED application” in the subject line.

Resource Generation (RG) is a 501 (c)3 organization that organizes young people with wealth and     class privilege to become transformative leaders and works towards the equitable distribution of land, wealth and power. Through community building, education, and organizing, we help young people    with wealth bring all they have and all they are to social change movements. Key programs include a network of local chapters, national conferences, campaigns, innovative funding models, and     organizing within family philanthropy. Resource Generation works in cross­-class alliances with racial  and economic justice partners and movement building organizations, and the RG community includes people of all ages and class backgrounds who support the role that young people with wealth play in social change. Find out more about Resource Generation’s work and 15 year history at: www.resourcegeneration.org 

Job Description:

Resource Generation seeks an Executive Director with a desire to work for a visionary and growing membership-­based non­profit. The Executive Director of Resource Generation provides the  leadership, vision, strategy, and management necessary to ensure that the organization is financially sustainable, achieving our mission, and working towards our goals and    vision.

RG currently has 12 full-time staff, with one more (Communications Director) coming on this fall. 5  staff are in the main office in NYC, one in Oakland, CA, and the rest in several other East Coast cities. Our preference is for the Executive Director to be based in NYC. This is a full­-time, exempt position, with excellent benefits.

Job Responsibilities

Overview: The Executive Director’s foremost responsibility is to be be thoroughly committed to seeing out Resource Generation's mission in alignment with our values and organizing priorities. All candidates should have 3+ years of experience* leading national organizing strategy and relationship management. Primarily this role focuses on managing RG’s 12 person full-time staff and 11 person board; building and maintaining relationships with other organizations; overseeing the $1.4 million budget, and fundraising  strategy.

“Experience” does not mean exclusively full-time, paid experience.


Vision and Strategy  (50%)

  • Maintain and enhance best structures to ensure all RG work is furthering our mission:

○  Support and enrich our robust staff team to set and achieve their goals in alignment with our organizational vision, strategy and   values

○  Work with the Board of Directors and their role in strategic decision­making, organizational development, and fundraising

○  Ensure staff, board, and member­leaders have the right systems of connection and communication for developing RG’s work

  • Prioritization: Facilitate assessing and identifying top needs for the organization, and keep organizational foci in alignment with those priorities (including saying strategic “no’s” ); periodic evaluation of existing programming and ideas for new areas of work measured against our organizing model and   mission
  • Oversee strategic development: ensure all programs are integrated and serving the mission in a cohesive way, particularly the development of our new campaign based ­strategies
  • Hold overall vision for all organizational relationships within RG, including but not limited to:

○  Campaign partnerships and coalitions

○  Sponsor and presenter relationships built through national   retreats

○  Partnership with social justice foundations, particularly those that overlap with localities in which RG has a  chapter

○  Relationships with philanthropic entities such as fellow donor organizing networks

Organizational Development (20%)

  • Primary liaison to the  board
  • Facilitate the setting of annual organizational goals and be responsible for goal execution  and evaluation
  • Ensure RG’s staff structure supports achieving our goals in alignment with our organizing model and values. This includes but is not limited to the responsibilities of:
    • Leading the senior staff team

    • Staff management, evaluation, and retention

  • Assessment and enhancement as­needed of organizational policies in alignment with our mission, goals, and values
    • Be a key leader on building out our channels of member ­leadership, and members’ role in relationship to each other, staff, and   board

Alliance Building/RG Ambassador (15%)

  • Strategically position RG in the social justice movement and philanthropy    sectors
  • Bring RG’s mission and voice to significant work being done by aligned organizations
  • Presenting and speaking at relevant conferences and increasing RG’s visibility nationally

Finances and Fundraising  (15%)

  • Manage the organizational budget, currently of $1.4   million
  • Work closely with Director of Development to shape fundraising   strategy
  • Lead on key major donor and sponsorship asks, including foundations/institutional donors 


  • A highly motivated individual with strong communication, leadership, interpersonal, and management skills.
    • 3+ years of experience leading on national organizational strategy and team management
    • Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to anti­-oppression political education and leadership development. Commitment to building a multiracial constituency, membership, and leaders, and strong leadership pipelines throughout the   organization.
      • Experience working with national  boards.
    • Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to the role of young people with wealth in social  justice movements
    • Experience in scaling an organization, particularly at a national level: infrastructure, hiring practices, programmatic and membership   strategy
  • 2+ years experience leading in overall programmatic, and campaign­specific, development and strategy
    • Proven strengths in financial management and   fundraising.
    • Ability to build and maintain relationships with constituents, funders, and other stakeholders.
    • Strong facilitation and conflict resolution skills and experience working with diverse racial, class, gender, and power  dynamics.
      • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including experience with grant writing and public speaking.
  • Frequent domestic travel.

Our ideal candidate also... 

  • Has experience with Resource Generation constituency, staff, board, and/or    members.
  • Inspires young people to learn about and mobilize their talents and    resources.
  • Loves working with people and has the ability to foster leadership in    others.
  • Is familiar with the national progressive philanthropic community and national social justice movement landscape, and is committed to organizing within both   spaces.
    • Has experience leading an inclusive, organizational culture that is cross­-class, multiracial, gender diverse, and intergenerational and directly engaging with the strengths and issues that come up in such a  setting.
  • Has a proven ability to develop rapport with broad range of people both in networking contexts and for long­term  partnerships.
  • Is able to see and articulate both opportunities and challenges of organizing young, progressive people with wealth.

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