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The newly established foundation (“Foundation”) is in a search for an inaugural Executive Director (ED). The mission of the Foundation is to strengthen our communities and improve the lives of future generations through engaged, informed and innovative philanthropy. The Foundation aims to impact nonprofit organizations that align with the goals of the Foundation to empower underrepresented communities and disadvantaged youths.

To be established in January 2020, the Foundation will focus on strengthening the nonprofit community’s capacity through capacity building and workshops. The Foundation will provide unrestricted general operating dollars for the essentials that keep organizations strong and programs thriving, and helps build the capacity organizations need to operate effectively. In addition to providing grants, the Foundation will strengthen capacity building through workshops, peer skill sharing, and the use of nonprofit support specialists that help core grantees with organizational challenges ranging from strategic planning to IT needs to fundraising.

This Foundation will remain flexible and nimble in order to be responsive and maximize impact.



We're looking for a highly entrepreneurial ED who is already familiar with NYC and will be based here to start, ideally, on November 1st to head up a family foundation that focuses on capacity building.

The inaugural ED will be the professional leader of the Foundation, and work in close partnership with the Founders. The ED will hold the responsibility for building and implementing the day-to-day operations of the Foundation, as well as shaping the future of the Foundation by animating the vision and values of the Founders. The ED will be the primary face of the Foundation and an important conduit of information about the status and effectiveness of the Foundation’s nonprofit partners; an expert in smart and thoughtful philanthropic practice; and someone who has a shared sense of values with the Founders. By participation, facilitation and engagement in discussions of content issues relevant to the Foundation’s program areas, the ED will assess and respond to opportunities to provide funding to strengthen nonprofit partners, all in keeping with the Foundation’s mission, values and priorities. 

The inaugural ED must be able to cultivate, build, and maintain strong and authentic relationships with a wide range of partners, including nonprofit executives, institution leaders and other funders. A data-driven and strategic sense of philanthropy, a willingness to learn from partners and to inspire creative solutions are integral to success. This ED must have excellent communication skills, including public speaking, written communications, and knowledge of public relations, social and traditional media skills. Visibility of the Foundation while safeguarding the privacy of the Founders is paramount and core to the grantmaking process. 

Additionally, the ED will lead, inspire and support the Founders in their philanthropic work; communicating so that each of the Founders is heard, valued and fully up to date in all of the Foundation’s work. The ED will demonstrate an ability to communicate their point of view on all issues candidly with the Founders, while simultaneously able to honor the Founders’ vision. 

Entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, unassailable integrity, deep commitment to the vision and values of the Founders are essential. 



 Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Design and manage the day-to-day operations of the Foundation, including overseeing grant administration and operations; 
  • Effectively communicate the Foundation’s mission, vision and program priorities to nonprofit partners and the public at large;
  • Create and maintain strong relationships with nonprofit organizations in order to understand the needs for their capacity building;
  • Build a thoughtful and streamlined grantmaking process: evaluation of Letters of Intent, Grant Applications and  in depth due diligence, including interviews, site visits, review of budgets and financial information, preparation of summaries and recommendations to the Founders;
  • Monitor grantee performance by reviewing and summarizing grantee reports, maintaining positive relationships with grantees, following up with grantees as needed to obtain necessary information, providing technical assistance, and engaging in problem-solving. Work with grantees to ensure compliance with grant agreements and successful program implementation;
  • Oversee evaluation of funded organizations;
  • Provide technical assistance to grant-seekers, including guidance in fundraising, planning, organizational development, program design and volunteer leadership development.

Philanthropic Leadership

  • Work with the Founders to engage them in grantmaking and social impact models; for example, invite their participation in conferences and convenings to help build their expertise in their core philanthropic areas.
  • Research and keep abreast of issues, trends, exemplary programs and best practices in philanthropy;;
  • Build the Foundation’s capacity to develop workshops to strengthen and support the nonprofit and public sectors;


  • Significant experience with a grantmaking Foundation and/or broad experience leading a well- respected nonprofit;
  • Prior experience with philanthropy or similar experience;
  • Experience as the face of an organization; well-developed interpersonal skills; superb oral and written communication skills; able to listen and present ideas clearly and persuasively;
  • Ability to accurately assess nonprofit leadership, operational, and financial capacity and perform other due diligence required;
  • Evidence of developing and implementing strategy- a strategic thinker, planner and executor;
  • A history of strong collaboration; someone who actively seeks strategic partnerships;
  • Excellent analytical ability, including the ability to summarize complex issues concisely and to develop clear, cogent recommendations;
  • Ability to manage and track multiple projects and activities to successful conclusion;
  • Has sound judgment, tact, humility, and discretion required to work effectively with all Foundation stakeholders, including the Founders, thought-leaders, grant applicants, grantees, and program beneficiaries;
  • Emotionally mature with a good sense of humor, someone who is at ease in many places and with all people; able to interact with diverse communities with grace and confidence;
  • Extremely proactive approach to work; solutions-oriented with attention to detail;
  • Capable of working alone and willing to do the high-profile work along with the day-to-day tasks that must get done; 
  • Successful manager who will be able to build an effective team over time; 
  • A good listener and strategist; comfortable receiving input from many sources and able to bring others together, building consensus and creating cohesive and well-supported plans;
  • Inspires trust, creativity and unity;
  • Strong work ethic coupled with an enthusiastic and optimistic approach to one’s work.

Application process 

Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected].


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