Webinar Recap - Climbing the career mountain with well designed side projects

How do you make the most of your time and energy? When you hit roadblocks in your career, how do you reroute or overcome them? What role does that secret passion project of yours play in helping you toward a future life that is exciting?

Whether you have crystal clear career goals or you’re trying to figure out which way is up, this webinar will provide you with tools for choosing, designing and making the most of side projects. You will learn frameworks to consider possibilities from new angles, hear examples of how side projects can help lead to a fulfilling and exciting career, and be guided through a brief workshop for you to process your own work and projects – no matter where you are in your career.




If you are hoping to progress your career in foundations, this blog post on how to go from being a Program Associate to a Program Officer by Manuela Arciniegas, may be a great tool for you to explore the skills and perspectives that will help you on that path. Read more >> What it takes - Going from PA to PO

More about the presenter:


Mathias Jakobsen is the creator of Think Clearly - a practice of integrating unbound creativity and structured analytical thinking using notebooks.

He founded his first company at age 15 and has built multiple businesses and projects, most recently the Clarity Cards which raised $10000 on Kickstarter. His core philosophy is to always focus on learning.

Mathias has worked with companies including Bloomberg, Google, New York Times, Hyper Island, Holstee to work through challenges of all kinds, including: 

How to bring ideas to life visually.
How to help our clients think beyond the immediately tactical solutions for their clients.
How to get unstuck.
How to build a sustainable company on top of a purpose and values driven core.

Learn more here: http://www.thnkclrly.com/

Contact Mathias via Twitter at @thnkclrly


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