EPIP DC | Resource Flow Working Group Pilot

“We envision a world where systems, cultures and individuals 
support the wellbeing and self-determination of all people and the planet,  
with care for past, present, and future life.”
- Miki Kashtan
EPIP DC in partnership with Communities in Transition (CIT) are inviting you to co-create and pilot with us a Resource Flow Working Group (RFWG).

What if the most powerful step you could take towards social change lies within your organization? Amidst the roaring global call for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion, the tides of philanthropy are turning towards greater trust, flexibility, and participation. Those who are seizing the moment are finding far too often that our institutions are stuck, stuck in old mindsets, antiquated practices and outdated policies. Proposing change can get sticky and even be risky.

Together, in solidarity as EPIP members, we can build each other's skills and resolve to shape new ways of working. There are steps towards institutional change that can be taken to contribute to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive philanthropic sector.

Whether you've been working on organizational change for a long time or want to take your first steps, RFWG participants intend to create a supportive and caring space that increases our capacity to remove barriers to a more equitable movement of resources.

Resource flow definition

We define “resource flow” as the regenerative movement of resources (financial, human, environmental…) from where they are, to where they are needed, based on willingness and capacity within purpose.

What we are inviting you to build

A skills-building support group that enables emerging leaders in philanthropy to affect concrete changes within their organization's mindset, practices and/or policies to engender a more equitable generation, mobilization and distribution of resources. 

The first 3-4 meetings will focus on constructing the space before delving into participants' equity challenges. We anticipate meeting monthly for 2 hours at a time starting in July 2021, at a date and time selected collaboratively with accepted applicants.

To participate 

Fill out this questionnaire by June 30th, 2021. Once we approve your application we will send out a doodle to pick a meeting time and date that works for you. We will select RFWG participants based on the following criteria:

  • Group diversity
  • The desired change aligns with the purpose of the RFWG (i.e. will engender a more equitable generation, mobilization and distribution of resources)

Examples of equity goals could be, but are not limited to:

  • Reducing barriers to apply for funding
  • Securing leadership support to launch a DEI initiative
  • Advocating for more participatory grantmaking
  • Providing more transparency about the foundation' resource generation practices
  • Creating opportunities for emerging BIPOC professionals
  • Encouraging more flexible evaluation and reporting practices
  • Addressing power and access issues in Board practices and institutional by-laws
  • Promoting the use of more inclusive language

Who we imagine this space would be for

We envision an immersive space with 10-12 diverse members of the EPIP DC-chapter. Participants have a concrete organizational equity challenge affecting the flow of resources which they would like to address by building their own capacity and drawing on the strengths of the group and others for support. We imagine that organizational change takes time and that a long-term commitment from participants would be necessary to see change happen. 

How we plan to measure the success of the RFWG:

  • Participant's increased skills and confidence addressing systemic inequalities
  • Milestones and intermediary steps achieved
  • Our impact on foundations' ability to bridge internal equity gaps regarding the flow of resources

Working group grounding principles

  • Willingness: work on something you want to put energy behind 
  • Capacity: bring a challenge that is within your sphere of influence to address
  • Respect for differences: honor differences in starting points and individual’s journey

Which EPIP strategic cornerstone does the RFWG fall under?

  • Organizational leadership and governance: the resource flow working group seeks to apply social justice concepts inside our own organizations to align internal systems, norms and culture to our values.
  • Resource mobilization: the resource flow working group addresses those complex personal and institutional relationships, while advocating for the equitable generation and distribution of financial resources to where it is needed 

Who is facilitating the working group?

Nathalie Al-Zyoud is a Senior Mediator with Communities in Transition (CIT) and an EPIP-DC Steering Committee Member. While Nathalie will facilitate the discussion, ensuring that care for self and each other is centered and needs are met. Guest speakers, EPIP members, trainers, and RFWG participants will also be invited to speak and facilitate the working group as needed. All participants will be asked to support each other and the space with Nathalie.

For more information contact Nathalie Al-Zyoud at [email protected]

Thank you for your commitment to building a world where all can belong.

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