EPIP National Conference Highlight: Learning Tours

Still trying to make the case to your employer about why you should attend EPIP's 2011 National Conference? How about the chance to visit local non-profits in Philadelphia and to engage with local funders who are supporting their work?

The conference will feature three learning tours - each described below!

Farm to Families: Exploring the role of urban agriculture, food access, and social justice opportunity in North Philadelphia

North Philadelphia is the second hungriest congressional district in the United States. The Farm to Families Tour will spotlight a set of multi-field partners organized to get affordable, healthy food from local farmers to families in this section of the city. Participants will learn about food access, nutrition programming, and policy work in Philadelphia, get details on the unique organizations collaborating to make Farm to Families happen, and learn about how one funder proactively structured the project to build strong working relationships among Farm to Families organizations. The tour will visit a local farm, a food packaging center, and distribution sites. Lunch will be prepared with food from Farm to Families farmers!

This tour will engage and visit with:
Why Youth Organizing Matters: How Youth Organizing can truly influence local policy and education reform

The Youth Organizing Learning Tour brings together three of Philadelphia’s youth organizing groups from three different areas of the city: Philly Student Union, Youth United for Change, and Asian Americans United. Tour participants will learn about and have the opportunity to provide insight on youth issues in Philadelphia—from city education reform to the local campaigns of each organization across the city. Participants will be part of a student-led workshop, will provide support to youth organizations through brain-storming sessions, and will tour a Philadelphia School.

This tour will engage and visit with:
The Arts in North Philadelphia: New and creative approaches to community renewal, citizen engagement and behavioral health research

The Arts in North Philadelphia tour will inform participants about how the arts are being used in the city as a vehicle for community empowerment and behavioral health. A visit with behavioral health providers will show how art is serving as a tool to engage patients with health services while reducing social stigma. Tour participants will also have the opportunity to speak with Yale evaluators about how they assess the impact of art interventions.

This tour will engage and visit with:

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