Development Director (OEP)

Job Title:         Development Director

Hired By:         Executive Director

About Us:

On Earth Peace (OEP) is a "Community of Practice for Justice & Peace" where people help each other use the tools of active nonviolence and conflict transformation to overcome violence, oppression, and war, and build healthy relationships grounded in mutual dignity, self-liberation, and reconciliation. OEP is a nonprofit organization and agency of the Church of the Brethren, a historic and living peace church.

Because OEP is grounded in the Jesus Movement, employees need to feel at home working in an environment where prayer, scripture study, hymns, and devotions are regular parts of our staff and board culture. We welcome any and all varieties of discipleship. You do not have to be Brethren (we have employees from other traditions), but you will need to be able to work with Brethren people and related organizations (and beyond) as an important part of your job in our faith-rooted ministry.

OEP is a historically white-majority organization in the early stages of a journey toward becoming an unapologetically multiracial/multicultural community, driven by an anti-racist, anti-oppression lens toward the transformation of society. We actively seek an outstanding person of color to fill this key leadership role, since such a background may be advantageous in performing the duties of the job.

Job Duties:  

You will have primary leadership and responsibility for expanding and diversifying our base of reliable supporters for the work of OEP, and securing the financial resources needed for the sustainable growth of the program capacity of the OEP community of practice. Specific items of responsibility for this challenging and exciting opportunity include:

  • Develop and carry out a fundraising plan each year, based on plans for OEP program work.
  • Cultivate strong donor relationships for OEP, focusing on: donor retention; conversion of followers and practitioners into donors; and increasing donor commitment and giving. This includes individuals, congregations, foundations, and other organizational donors.
  • Expand and diversify our donor base to include growing numbers of young adults and young families, people of color, congregations, foundations, organizations, and a range of traditions and worldviews (both, faith-based and secular) beyond our historical Brethren support.
  • Embed invitations and opportunities for giving into all of OEP communications, in ways that are appropriate to each particular communication and the receptivity of their respective audiences. This includes beginning processes toward meaningful segmentation of our various supporters.
  • Develop a range of effective fundraising devices such as a “gift catalog” of donations, special campaigns and appeals, multiple online/mobile giving presentations, and print resources.
  • Cultivate and manage a robust planned giving program for people whose circumstances lead them to consider living gifts and estate planning as part of their financial management.
  • Develop the capacity of the OEP board and staff and community to become highly effective fundraisers for OEP program work as part of all we do in conducting that work.
  • Recruit and supervise paid interns able to make a big impact in our development work.
  • Analyze, evaluate, and report on the results of fundraising efforts, and adjust accordingly. Manage systems and processes used in fundraising, analysis, evaluation, and reporting.
  • Represent OEP at a range of events as a key member of our staff. Some travel required to develop and maintain key relationships and pursue opportunities.

Job Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate degree required. Graduate degrees and professional certificates a plus.
  • Demonstrated fundraising management success required. 2-3 years of experience preferred.
  • Strong personality and communication skills. So strong that you are willing and able to listen to and learn from others, and work independently and as a key member of multiple teams.
  • Vibrant relationship building and sales closing motivation and abilities. Someone who wakes up every day eagerly looking to: a) cultivate long-term friendships; and b) meet fundraising goals.
  • Ability to work effectively in white spaces, and in a range of non-white spaces with equal grace. This is an opportunity where well developed code-switching abilities will be very helpful.
  • Deep commitment to peace and justice work, active nonviolence, and conflict transformation.
  • Fluent ability with computers and mobile devices, and productivity software and platforms.

Job Expectations:

Recent fundraising levels for OEP have been in the range of $500,000 per year, and showing signs of decline. We expect you to lead us to maintaining that level in your first year, and to increasing this by 20% per year for the next five years. Our goal is to double our budget size in the next six years.

We have a fairly limited range of fundraising practices, some of which you may choose to continue and some of which you may decide to change. We also expect you to significantly add to the mix, including an expansion of successful online/mobile donation opportunities for our growing community.

Apply To:      OEP Executive Director, Bill Scheurer, by email to [email protected]

Apply By:      July 15, 2016, with cover letter email, resume, and list of references.

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