Coordinator (SRAP_

This job description provides a general guideline to the most common duties, responsibilities, and minimum requirements for this position.  It is not all inclusive and the actual position may vary as circumstances indicate or as determined by the Association.  Working hours are primarily a day shift position, but the data analyst may need to work varied hours as business needs dictate during peak time.

Summary of Position:

The Coordinator of State Restaurant Association Relations and Programs focuses on strengthening enterprise-wide relations with the State Restaurant Associations (SRAs) as well as tracking the individual SRA participation in all NRA programs and initiatives, including documentation of actions both parties are taking to address agreed upon strategic priorities.  Primary duties will include coordinating Association efforts to comprehensively track, measure and report on all facets of the NRA-SRA relationship including SRA participation and support of all Association products and programs, compliance of SRAs and NRA with the current and future Dual Member Agreement, coordinating the integration NRA strategic plan goals that relate to SRA’s, support and facilitate enhanced data sharing between SRA’ and NRA,  coordinating regular internal NRA staff/SRA collaboration activities for purposes of enhanced results, and enhancing the quality of the interaction and collaboration with NRA across all parts of the relationship. 

Principle Duties:

  • Works as part of State Restaurant Association team to accomplish Association goals.
  • Assists Vice President of State Restaurant Association Relations to accomplish departmental goals.
  • Supports all internal team members and departments following the Association mission and values while promoting Association culture.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining strong working relationships with key staff personnel at all SRAs
  • Coordinates the internal work towards achieving strengthened NRA-SRA relationship.
  • Works with Manager of State Restaurant Association Relations to ensure NRA-SRA relationship efforts are coordinated with NRA-CSRA efforts. 
  • Establishes strong relationships among key parts of the NRA enterprise in order to ensure collaboration with the SRA’s
  • Tracks and coordinates the integration of the NRA Strategic Plan as it relates to the SRA community across the enterprise. 
  • Measures, analyzes and reports on the SRA participation and utilization of NRAs programs
  • Generates and updates the comprehensive data that measures SRA participation in NRA to be leveraged as NRA works to enhance the strategic, business interaction with our state partners. 
  • Creates and maintains comprehensive demographic information on each SRA, and tracks participation and benefit from NRA products, programs
  • Supports the VP of State Restaurant Association Relations in coordinating the efforts to track SRA and NRA compliance with the current and future Dual Member Agreement, including supporting enforcement of agreed upon protocols on roles, responsibilities, and potential remedies for lack of compliance.
  • Coordinates and works closely across the enterprise to strengthen data gathering and sharing between SRA’s and NRA 
  • Coordinates efforts to enhance the collaboration between NRA and the SRA’s as it relates to our engagement on all products including ServSafe, Heartland and United Healthcare. 
  • Coordinates quarterly internal planning meetings among NRA senior staff as it relates to the key elements of the NRA-SRA relationship.  
  • Works toward improving Association understanding of the SRA community and SRA community understanding of the Association
  • Researches and identifies current barriers to a positive relationship between NRA and the SRAs
    • Develops and makes readily available tools and resources to allow SRAs to improve their capacity for advocacy, sales, products, membership, industry education, and communication.
    • Provides a strong and credible voice for the Association and the industry with key stakeholders
      • Assists VP State Relations to prioritize, schedule and follow up on annual relationship visits
      • Assists VP State Relations with calls to SRA CEOs that cannot be visited in person. Assist to prioritize, schedule, and document annual strategic priorities.

Secondary Duties:

  • Works on special projects and other duties as required helping to promote department’s success.
  • Coordinates with the Education Foundation to support Pro-Start among the states
  • Supports and assists the Public Policy, Research and Communications teams on initiatives involving the SRA’s

1. Essential Use of Following Tools:

  • Computer
  • Association membership database
  • Advocacy management software
  • Legislative tracking software
  • Printer
  • Fax Machine

2. Essential Training/Certifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree is required
  • Experience in an association or corporation is preferred
  • Experience in or knowledge of the restaurant industry is preferred

3. Essential Skills/Knowledge:

  • Significant communication skills in written and verbal formats; showcases clear and concise manner
  • Significant business and stakeholder relationship building experience
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong time management skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Strong interpersonal and diplomacy skills
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely
  • Computer literate (Excellent knowledge of Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint applications)
  • Ability to learn other computer software programs, and enter and maintain accurate data/information
  • Ability to work as part of a team and to work independently; a self-initiator, versatile and assumes risk with responsibility
  • Fundamental understanding of the restaurant industry/business environment
  • Knowledge of office equipment such as fax and telephone
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of work records
  • Flexible and resilient

4. Essential Mental Requirements:

  • Must be able to work as an integral part of the State Restaurant Association Relations Team
  • Must be able to maintain good rapport with all departments
  • Must be able to cope within a fast-paced work environment
  • Must be able to manage multiple projects with minimal supervision
  • Must be able to understand the importance of the position for the success of the business
  • Ability to accept change and be flexible; focusing on action and outcomes
  • Must be able to act with honor, character and integrity Be on time and with a minimal amount of absence

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