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Momentum is a volunteer-driven training institute and learning community dedicated to understanding and  building popular movements for progressive change. We believe social movements are necessary for people to realize their true power and generate the political will to win a long-term vision of justice. 

We are living in movement times: since the 2016 election, millions have signed petitions, called elected officials, and taken to the streets. But in order for these tactics to add up to a strategy capable of transforming the political landscape, progressive organizers must understand the lessons of popular movements, and how those lessons can be applied to campaigns across issues and regions today.

We believe that “movement moments” are neither spontaneous nor unpredictable, as is often thought. Rather, they can be created, through deliberate and strategic action. Through our curriculum and community, we address questions like:  What makes movements like Black Lives Matter, Occupy, and March for Our Lives go viral, and others go nowhere? How exactly do popular movements make a difference, anyway? And how can progressives build lasting movements that overcome the common cycle of boom and bust?  

Momentum’s goal is to develop the strategic leadership that will make what is truly necessary winnable, and to leave the next generation with models and best practices of organizing - particularly through popular movements - that can continue to be shared, refined, and updated.

Role Description 

The purpose of Momentum’s Coaching program is to support the emergence of ambitious experiments capable of dramatically shifting our political landscape. We believe movement-building is a craft which requires multiple cycles of leadership, many successes and many failures, and a great deal of support given the risks involved and courage required.

We are hiring a Coaching Director to design and drive a coaching program to support this kind of leadership and experimentation. The Coaching Director will oversee 3 major areas of work:

  • Recruiting and coaching frontline organizers to launch new movement campaigns and organizations.
  • Coaching and training existing base-building organizations to integrate elements of movement-building into their work.
  • Building the infrastructure for a leadership development program that will allow our most ambitious experimenters to become skilled coaches equipped to support in areas listed above.

The Coaching Director will collaborate with our team of 5 staff and several dozen committed volunteers, and will work closely with the Executive Director to build the infrastructure for Momentum to provide high quality coaching to our broad network of thousands of organizers and activists.

Candidate can be based anywhere, with a strong preference for Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, or New York. 

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Designing and managing a rigorous contracting process for all new coaching contracts
  • Managing all correspondences with organizations interested in coaching and specialized training, and matching the right coaches with various projects
  • Creating the infrastructure for an incubation program to support frontline organizers in launching visionary new movement campaigns and experiments
  • Creating the infrastructure for a coach development track so that experimenters can learn to deliver high-quality coaching. This includes creating a curriculum, application process for potential coaches with clear criteria for acceptance, and research into best practices of coaching.
  • Regularly supervising coaches to ensure that contracts are progressing and to provide support as needed
  • Working with the Training Director to document lessons and best practices for the Community of Practice
  • Collaborating with staff to ensure the sustainability and fiscal health of the coaching program, and working with the Development Director to generate the funding necessary to support an equitable approach to coaching


Job Criteria

  • Experimented with the Momentum model, and understands the challenges of putting theory into practice. Has existing relationships with organizers experimenting with innovative organizing tools.
  • Designed and run organizing campaigns and actions, and has reflected on the lessons from successes and failures.
  • Substantial experience facilitating small and large groups in meetings and retreats. Has designed and implemented organizational change processes.
  • Experience working with a variety of partners and managing collaboration and negotiation with other organizations.
  • Experience managing teams of both staff and volunteers on several successful projects, and can play a leadership role while also supporting others to feel ownership.

The ideal candidate will also have the following skills and qualities:

  • Fluency in Momentum theory, social movement history, organizing methods, and different approaches to social change, ideally through having attended at least one training.
  • Has experience working with people from a variety of backgrounds, identities, and approaches to social change. Must be culturally competent in multiracial organizing spaces, and have a strong political and racial analysis.
  • Top-notch organization skills; meticulous and reliable about details and timelines.
  • Relational: Appreciates and committed to the importance of vulnerability and trust in building a powerful, committed team. Relational organizing background is a major plus, including proficiency in one-to-ones, leadership development, and team building.
  • Excited to be a systems builder, and create volunteer and organizational infrastructure from scratch when needed.
  • Proactive communicator, and not afraid to ask for support when needed. Works collaboratively, shares updates on progress and questions, and reaches for other people to get feedback.
  • Exercises independent judgment and can take initiative in an environment with shifting priorities. Self-motivated, creative, and resourceful.
  • Must be willing to travel at least once per month, and able to work flexible hours, including occasional weekends.
  • Comfortable working remotely: able to take initiative on big projects while remote, with primary support offered through calls and video calls. Able to create work plans and follow them with strong self-management skills.

Application Process

Momentum recruits, employs, trains, compensates and promotes regardless of race, religion, national origin, documentation status, disability, veteran status, marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other basis prohibited by federal, state, or local law.

Women, People of Color, and LGBTQ people strongly urged to apply and self-identify in the application.

We’re a multi-racial team committed to justice and equity, and believe our ability to collaborate and achieve high impact is made stronger by diversity across a variety of identities and life experiences. We’re committed to high standards and working with deep respect for one another.

Applications will only be accepted electronically. Please email a cover letter and resume to [email protected] with the subject line “Coaching Director Role Application.” Please include a daytime phone number where we can contact you. Please also share contact information for two references.  We are seeking to fill this position as soon as possible, and are accepting applications on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

In your cover letter, please address the following (up to two pages):

  1. What part of the Momentum theory or community is most meaningful to you?
  2. When was a time you experimented with something new? What succeeded or failed? What supports made or would have made a difference?
  3. What else qualifies you for this role?

This is a full time position.

Salary: Compensation is negotiable. Our current staff practices needs-based compensation. If you are the right person to join our team, we are committed to meeting your financial needs.






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