Chicago DEI Series - Opening Post

DEISeries.jpgFoundations and nonprofits have a renewed focus on equity for all. Conferences, workshops, and webinars throughout the sector are focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. While this is not a new movement, it is certainly resurging in the wake of the events in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Chicago. These conversations can be difficult for those who have spent many years working on these issues, and even more so for those who are new to the field of philanthropy and non-profits. 

The Chicago chapter of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy hopes to open the door to those emerging leaders looking to learn more about the multidimensional field and practice of creating spaces that exemplify diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Over the next 5 weeks our blog will feature pieces by practitioners who can speak to different aspects of this important conversation. Delia Coleman of Forefront, Angelique Power of The Joyce Foundation, Hafizah Omar of D5 Coalition, Gary Arnold of Access Living, and Christopher Audain of Alphawood Foundation will each offer their perspective. We hope that it will be both informative and spark many additional conversations. If you would like to add your thoughts to this conversation please let us know, we would be happy to post additional blog post.

|Janice Belzowski, The McCormick Foundation and Jessyca Dudley, The Joyce Foundation


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