Administrative Assistant

Wellspring Philanthropic Fund is a private grantmaking foundation dedicated to advancing the realization of human rights and social and economic justice for all people. With offices in Washington, DC and New York, NY, Wellspring’s work is rooted in respect for the dignity and worth of every human being and is informed by the following beliefs:

  • Social institutions and structures should promote the full realization of human rights and human potential, and should be accountable to these ends
  • The rights of all people are advanced when the rights of the most marginalized and vulnerable peoples are protected
  • Social justice movements should employ means that are consistent with their ideals, and should give agency to the people whose interests they seek to advance
  • As responsible stewards, we must strive to maximize the impact of our charitable investments

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Wellspring Philanthropic Fund (WPF) is seeking to hire two skilled, professional Administrative Assistants. One of the Assistants will work in and support program teams in our NY office and one will work in and support program teams in our DC office. Each Administrative Assistant will support between two and three Program Teams (each consisting of 2-8 team members). The Administrative Assistants will report to the Deputy Director of Human Resources and Administration and the Program Directors. Ideal candidates will share the passion for Wellspring’s mission to support the realization of human rights and social and economic justice for all people.




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