Reading & Resources: June 2020

What role does philanthropy have to play in our current moment? As many call for action now...

...others caution that philanthropy must commit to change for the long-term...

...and many reflect on the changes that philanthropy still needs to do from within.

  • In the PEAK Grantmaking Journal, Darius Soler writes about being Black, gay, and gender non-binary in the philanthropic sector, asking "Why does it seem that [grantmaking organizations] have all the energy to be innovative thought leaders in their philanthropic work, but too often fall short when it comes to building a thriving and inclusive culture?"
  • Philanthropy OUTlook: LGBTQ Latinx Communities, produced by Funders for LGBTQ Issues and Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), takes a look at the severe funding disparities faced by LGBTQ Latinx communities. Key facts: this funding landscape is driven by a small set of grantmakers and has never exceeded $5 million per year (excluding OneOrlando Fund grantmaking in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre). 
  • The 2020 Update on LGBTQ AAPI Funding looks at funding for LGBTQ AAPI communities since the 2015 release of Philanthropy OUTlook: LGBTQ Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities and finds that not much as changed, with total funding hovering around $1 million total per year. 

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