Reading & Resources: July 2020

The loss of civil rights and racial justice icons John Lewis and C.T. Vivian this July brought inspiration and sadness to many…

...many of the ideas and topics raised in Sankofa Summer sessions resonated in our reading…

...and two recent studies highlighted large gaps in the funding landscape.

  • The Ms. Foundation for Women’s landmark study Pocket Change: How Women and Girls of Color Do More with Less showed that only 0.5% of the money given by foundations each year goes to women and girls of color and called for more funding to organizations by and for women of color, as well as vocal commitment to their work.
  • Freedom Maps, a report by Ron Ragin and Maria Cherry Rangel on arts, culture, and organizing in the US South, found that Southern artists have needed to create "solidarity economies" in response to a chronic lack of philanthropic and public investment in Southern culture and artists.

EPIP chapters from across the country also shared from their reading, watching, and listening lists for the month, with resources focused on advancing equity and social justice:

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