What We're Reading - Inclusive Leadership Cohort Edition


EPIP's Inaugural Inclusive Leadership Cohort met in NYC last week Friday for their retreat. In honor of this, we're sharing some of the articles the ILC has been reading the last few months. 

Calling In: A Quick Guide on When and How
Sian Ferguson
"Nobody is perfect, but when people screw up and do oppressive things, we need to let them know what they did was wrong." Read more>

3 Things to Consider when Choosing Between Calling Someone Out or Calling them In

Maisha Z. Johnson
"But the truth is that sometimes, even those of us in social change movements participate in oppressive behavior..." Read more>

So You Call Yourself an Ally: 10 Things All 'Allies' Need to Know
Jamie Utt
"...it's time for those of us who fashion ourselves "allies" or as "currently operating in solidarity with" to have a conversation."  Read more>

5 Reasons My Approach to Social Justice Work is Better than Yours
Sam Kilermann
"Did that title irk you a bit? Perfect. We're off to a good start."  Read more>

Microaggressions and Psychological Functioning among High Achieving African-Americans: A Mixed Methods Approach
Lucas Torres, Mark W. Driscoll, and Anthony L. Burrow; Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology
A study of racial microaggressions and their influence on mental health among African American doctoral students and graduates of doctoral programs. Read more>

Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Work Environment - TOOLKIT
HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector 
A toolkit with, "information and HR practices that support an organization's ability to engage and retain diverse teams."  Read more>

The stories Americans tell about 9/11 leave out discrimination against Muslims
Deepa Iyer; The Guardian
"While the level of anti-Muslim sentiment increased precipitously in the months after 9/11, it has not subsided in the 14 years since then." Read more>

BONUS: [VIDEO] No Way but Through
Melanie Domenech Rodriguez
"Funny thing about intentions is that they matter a lot and they don’t matter at all." Watch here>


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