The Mindset of Creativity: Four Tips to Innovate your Thinking

Sophia Guevara is an EPIP member in Michigan, a long time contributor to RE: Philanthropy, and the former chair of the Consortium of Foundation Libraries affinity group.  Here she shares four tips to help engender creative thought. Some of the best value that an early career professional can provide to an organization is their creativity and courage to try new things.  For those interested in improving their creativity, here are a few ideas to consider:Guevara Picture 1. Regrets have no space in the mind of a creative Regret causes fear, and limits your ability to see opportunities.  With this mindset, you’re limited in identifying the connections that can be the key to an innovative solution.  Instead of working with regret, work with a mindset that focuses on lessons learned from each opportunity, whether a success or failure.  Also, be intentional about putting into practice the lessons you have learned.  (more…)

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