Starting on Your Path to Leadership: Four Lessons

Sophia Guevara is an EPIP member in Michigan, a long time contributor to RE: Philanthropy and the the former chair of the Consortium of Foundation Libraries affinity group.  She responded to the EPIP summer challenge with a few key leadership lessons that she's picked up along the way.Guevara Picture In every field, there are a few professionals who choose to stand out from the rest.  These leaders are usually passionate about their work, but passion alone often isn’t enough. For the early career professional looking to start their own path towards leadership, what are a few lessons to keep in mind?  In my own case, I believe that some of the most valuable lessons I learned about leadership were gained during my experience as a negotiator.  From getting comfortable with rejection to being creative with options at one’s disposal, the experience taught me lessons that I believe have helped me on my own path.  Here are four of those lessons: (more…)

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