Sankofa Summer: Week 4 Preview

This week, Sankofa Summer will be approaching racial justice and equity from two very different angles, with one talk that focuses on the interpersonal by Having More Effective, Genuine, and Humanizing Racial Justice Conversations and another that spotlights how data impacts equity in Reimagining Evaluation and Research in Service of Equity.

And we're not done yet - over the few weeks we'll have sessions on everything from Healing Divides at the US-Mexico Border to Navigating Entrenched Philanthropic Systems from Within.

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Week 3 Recap: A Deeper Look at Abolition

Week 3 of EPIP's virtual learning series Sankofa Summer featured a talk, Abolition: Re-defining Free & Safe for Communities of Color By Those Most Impacted, that was filled with resources to better understand and support the movement to eliminate imprisonment, policing, and surveillance and create lasting alternatives to punishment and imprisonment. Here are three:

  1. #8ToAbolition is a response to recent calls for police reform that focuses on abolition, with 8 calls to action, including to Defund Police, Demilitarize Communities, and Remove Police From Schools. 
  2. Freedom Papers is a set of 7 freedoms created by youth in Florida fighting and organizing for change with the Dream Defenders organization, including Freedom of Movement, Freedom from Poverty, and Freedom from Prisons & Police.
  3. We Came To Learn is a call to action for police-free schools that includes a map of assaults by school police on students and a report on the need for police-free schools

The session ended with a call to action that we heard at the CHANGE Philanthropy Unity Summit and that has been echoed by many organizations and organizers doing the work of change.: Support Black-led organizations. Fund the unsexy work of implementation. Fund experiments and the work of figuring it out. Fund us like you want us to win.

Registered for Sankofa Summer? You can watch the full recording of this and other Sankofa Summer via our replays page.

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