Senior Vice President of Strategy (SFPE)


The Schott Foundation for Public Education is a national public fund that serves as a bridge between philanthropic partners and advocates to build movements to provide all students with an opportunity to learn. Schott’s mission is to develop and strengthen broad-based and representative movements to achieve fully resourced, quality PreK–12 public education for all children across the nation. For nearly thirty years, Schott has been an instrumental leader and partner in building a more just society. Looking ahead, Schott believes that a national, well-funded movement can address opportunity gaps that continue to plague our country. Championing existing grassroots organizations that focus on addressing public education, racial justice, economic justice, healthy living, and creating safe communities is critical. Our work with grassroots and philanthropic partners supports creating a comprehensive network that eliminates racism, changes systems, and creates wellness and opportunity for all children.

Our dreams for our future begin with the dreams for our children, and quality education for all is imperative. Education is a civil right. It is a tool for achieving racial, social, and economic justice. It is the catalyst for systematic and generational change and disrupts entrenched power dynamics. It is a pivotal pathway for progress and our society can be transformed if all children have the opportunity to learn, thrive, and reach their greatest potential. While our public education system has extensive reach, many of America’s children have not received the education they deserve. Black and Brown students are impacted disproportionately by racism and economic disparities. There is a profound correlation between educational attainment and access to health care, civic participation, incarceration rates, and economic mobility. The outcomes and impact of this opportunity gap, particularly for Black and Latinx families, is both troubling and unjust.

We are at a pivot point. Decades of progressive policies on race, social, and economic inequalities in our country have been attacked or dismantled in this tumultuous political climate. Marginalized communities face sanctioned threats to their well-being every day through systems and policies that fuel predatory practices. The various “gaps” (wealth, health, education, and economic opportunity) continue to widen and leave already vulnerable communities in harm. It is our grassroots organizations who work on the frontlines of these fights. They have mobilized through partnership models to meet the urgency of community demands and needs. Philanthropic institutions must also come together and leverage the power of a strategic and collaborative funding approach. Grassroots organizations and the people they serve need our time, energy, and resources so that we don’t continue to perpetuate conditions for inequity. Increasing resources and capacity to grassroots partners is critical to supporting their work and building momentum. Creating cohesive networks across issue areas will leverage local and regional impact and build national movements for change. Schott believes philanthropic partners and grassroots organizations can work together to keep the movement from becoming diluted, siloed, or fragmented. Instead, we can unify and amplify the work of grassroots partners to create more equity now.

Position Overview

As a member of the Foundation’s Leadership Team, the Senior Vice President of Strategy (SVPS) helps shape, operationalize, and communicate the Schott Foundation’s cross-program key initiatives, and coordinates the vision of the CEO and the Board of Directors across the organization. Using the Foundation’s current strategic plan as a framework and guide, the SVPS is charged with understanding, addressing, and coordinating the needs and activities within the Foundation to take advantage of the evolving strategic opportunities in the external landscape.

SVPS plays an active role on the Leadership Team facilitating the design of new operating systems, projects, and initiatives, as well as providing support in securing resources for these and ongoing programmatic and operational needs. To ensure alignment with mission, the strategic plan, and key performance indicators, the SVPS organizes the proper integration of fiscal, development, communications, and programmatic systems and monitors the evaluation systems. The SVPS plays a critical role strengthening and preparing the organization for anticipated changes over the three-year horizon, including, but not limited to: program design, changing market conditions, and cultural and political shifts. The SVPS is the liaison between the Finance and Operations, Development, and Communications teams, as well as consultants hired to perform administrative and strategic functions in support of the Board of Directors. 

Reports to:

President and CEO


Administration and Management

  • Oversee the goals, strategy, and day-to-day operations of internal infrastructure and consultants.
  • Operationalize a framework and process for strategic decision-making that aligns with the strategic plan.
  • Partner with Leadership Team to ensure alignment of strategy with plans for each team.
  • Provide support to the Finance and Operations team as a liaison to the CEO.
  • Lead annual strategic planning update process with the Foundation Leadership Team.
  • Compile critical competitive intelligence updates for the Leadership Team and the Board, and assess appropriate actions, such as collaboration, differentiation, etc.
  • Facilitate program/project/initiative design meetings with the CEO, team managers, and consultants.
  • Work with CEO and Senior VP of Programs and Advocacy to foster new and existing partnerships with major institutions, and facilitate debriefs and learning conversations.
  • Oversee Finance and Operations to ensure Schott’s execution of best practices in finance, HR, and operations.
  • Play lead role in the annual budget development process and maintain a high level of fiscal and fiduciary responsibility.
  • Partner with Finance and Operations team and the CEO on annual budget, long-term forecasts, and resource planning, and set clear metrics for success over the short and long term to drive accountability.


Board of Directors Development and Support

  • Support the Chair of the Board of Directors and Board Committee Chairs in their prep and delivery at Board meetings.
  • Manage Board and staff learning agenda as defined by Board.
  • Serve as a liaison to the Board of Directors by interfacing regularly with committee chairs, assisting with the management of the new Board member selection and orientation, and vetting and confirmation process as needed.
  • Analyze relevant trends and prepare thought pieces for the Leadership Team and Board.



  • Coordinate efforts between Programs, Communications and Development to elevate Schott’s work and impact.
  • Support fund development efforts by working closely with the SVP of Advancement to ensure alignment between the strategic plan and the development plan.
  • Collaborate with the CEO and SVP of Programs to drive cross-organizational integration of systems and growth through identification and assessment of new
  • Serve as an effective public spokesperson for Schott and raise the visibility of the organization’s work by presenting and writing in diverse forums.
  • Build and maintain strong, collaborative relationships with funder colleagues, grantees, and other key partners to seek opportunity to leverage Schott’s investments.
  • Expand Schott Foundation’s fundraising efforts in close partnership with the Board of Directors as outlined in the strategic and development plans.


Program Communications and External Relations

  • Represent the Foundation to external constituencies and participate in high-level programs and discussions with partner organizations. Support the development of strategic partnerships and collaborations that leverage and extend Schott’s impact.
  • Build on the Foundation’s identity as a thought leader in areas of programmatic focus as well as an innovator in social justice philanthropy.
  • Participate in coalitions and develop relationships with allies and other organizations to further advocacy goals, and serve as an effective advocate and responsible spokesperson for the Foundation.
  • Develop and operationalize capacity building initiatives and goals for grantee partners.



  • Assist in the annual development and review of the key performance indicators.
  • Develop Board and staff learning agendas and facilitate engagement that advances organizational learning.



  • Significant work experience (8-10 years) and credibility as a leader and expert in the areas of education, administration, financial management, strategy, and programmatic development.
  • Experience working in coalition, including developing shared plans, coordinating external and internal communications, and understanding internal relationship dynamics among partner groups.
  • Excellent analytic, writing, and strategic planning skills; demonstrated ability to manage multiple, often-conflicting deadlines; establish and negotiate timelines; and ensure timely delivery of high-quality work.
  • Creativity, flexibility, sound judgment, and ability to take initiative and work independently.
  • Ability to think of new and improved ways to increase organization’s capacity and effectiveness.
  • Effective interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to interact professionally with diverse staff, clients, and consultants across varied geographies. A team player who can add value to the Schott team beyond their area of expertise.
  • Deep demonstrated passion for and commitment to the Foundation’s mission and a track record of driving impact on cross-cutting social justice issues and movement building. A natural disruptor and innovator with the ability to inspire, motivate, generate new ideas, and actualize change programmatically and operationally.
  • Outstanding organizational, programmatic, and financial management experience, including the ability to move work from concept to implementation and completion.
  • Experience developing thoughtful, effective relationships and dialogue with senior leadership and Board members and manage confidential information and situations.
  • Experience managing organizational transition and development as well as program innovation and learning.
  • Models a commitment to creating and reinforcing a transparent, accountable, and mutually respectful work environment.
  • Willingness to travel.
  • A strong sense of passion, purpose, and sense of humor.


Equal employment opportunity and having a diverse staff are fundamental principles at the Schott Foundation for Public Education, where employment and promotional opportunities are based upon individual capabilities and qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation/preference, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status or any other protected characteristic as established under law.


How to apply:

Please email your resume and a substantive cover letter to [email protected]. Be sure to include “SVP of Strategy” in the subject line.





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