Senior Program Officer (JIF)

Martha Montag Brown & Associates is pleased to announce a new search for a Senior Program Officer for the James Irvine Foundation. The position can be based in Los Angeles or San Francisco, CA. The James Irvine Foundation ( is engaged in an exciting process of redefining its approach to grantmaking. Early this year, the Irvine Foundation announced its new grantmaking focused on families and young adults who are working but struggling with poverty. The Foundation will specifically address expanding economic and political opportunity for these families and young adults, including exploring ways to remove the systemic barriers that prevent too many Californians from achieving economic stability and political influence. The

Senior Program Officer will work in strategic and creative partnership with the Foundation’s program and other staff on initiatives to advance Irvine’s strategic goals. The ideal candidate brings deep content expertise in fields related to economic opportunity and/or political opportunity with diverse communities, a track record of working with cross-sector collaborations, prior grantmaking experience, excellent project and/or portfolio management experience, strong relationship management and interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial drive, and the ability to thrive and succeed in a dynamic, fluid workplace environment. A complete job description can be found at:

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