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The Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL) program is a PreK-3 comprehensive model of intensive, enriched language education that implements the Common Core standards with a central focus on English Learners. SEAL was designed and is currently directed by Dr. Laurie Olsen, a national expert in English Learner education. The model was piloted in two districts in Silicon Valley. Now, after successful completion of a five year demonstration effort and on the basis of powerful evaluation findings, SEAL is being replicated in districts throughout the region – with plans to build to greater scale over the next five years. Professional development and leadership development are key components of the replication approach. To support this expansion, the Sobrato Family Foundation is seeking experienced professional development trainers to become SEAL Trainers.

There are ten SEAL Trainer positions available.

The position consists of two phases. Phase one is a part time commitment during the first year. Phase two is a full time position for 3 years:

Phase #1 “Associate Trainer”
During the 2015-16 school year, the selected individuals will participate in a learning process to become a SEAL Trainer. This involves:

  • Shadowing the SEAL Directors and SEAL Trainers through the entire series of SEAL replication professional development modules (eight 2-day modules over the course of the year)
  • After observing the modules, participating in a training role alongside SEAL Trainers through a second round of the 16 professional development module days
  • Attending preparation days in advance of the professional development modules
  • Visiting SEAL classrooms to observe and become acquainted with observational and coaching protocols
  • Participating in classroom demonstration preparation days
  • Practicing classroom demonstrations in SEAL classrooms
  • Attending monthly team meetings
  • Providing on-site support to Summer Bridge programs

Phase #1 is estimated at between 80-90 days in the 2015-16 school year.

Phase #2 “SEAL Trainer”
Upon completion of the above, qualified individuals will become certified SEAL Trainers. As new implementation schools and districts are added to the SEAL replication effort, SEAL Trainers will be deployed in teams to provide professional development and technical assistance support. We approximate the position at 100 - 180 days per year.


Responsibilities of a SEAL Trainer include:

  • Providing professional development modules with a partner trainer in Replication districts, including classroom demonstrations
  • Working closely with Replication districts on SEAL implementation including providing Technical Assistance to Coach/Facilitators and supporting Unit Development Days on site
  • Coordinating and conducting observational walk throughs at SEAL Replication sites
  • Working collaboratively, as part of the SEAL team, to ensure overall productivity and deep implementation throughout SEAL classrooms
  • Mentoring new Associate Trainers
  • Attending and contributing to monthly Team Meetings
  • Attending Module preparation days
  • Providing on-site support to Summer Bridge programs

Ideal candidates would have the following experience and skills:

  • Experience as a provider of elementary school professional development in instructional approaches effective with English Learners (e.g., SIOP, GLAD, SDAIE strategies, Cooperative Learning, Thinking Maps, Constructing Meaning, EL Achieve, A Look at Learning, etc.)
  • Expertise and teaching experience with English Learner students
  • Excellent collaborative skills
  • Ability for occasional short-term (two night maximum) travel
  • Bilingual skills, BCLAD are highly desirable

Initial priority is for SEAL Trainers in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, there are opportunities in other areas of the state as well. There are ten positions available, open until filled. Compensation is competitive. 

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