Residential Program Director


At Sunny Hills Services, we seek to improve the welfare of children and youth by helping to provide the resources, support and skills they need to develop along a healthy, age-appropriate pathway. All of our services are rooted in these core principles: 1) a strength-based approach which believes in the value and worth of each client as an individual, 2) acknowledging the importance of family relationships and encouraging positive and on-going engagement with families, peers and communities, 3) engaging children and youth in a developmentally appropriate manner that promotes resilience, self-efficacy and positive self-concept, 4) recognizing that clients’ needs are best met through holistic and individualized service delivery.

BAYC Service Philosophy

BAYC partners with vulnerable youth, empowering them to successfully transition to living independently as the most self-reliant, confident adults they can be. At the heart of our work is recognizing individuals in their individuality, and using our human relationships to help them to create a living roadmap towards knowing themselves. Our youth development approach enlists youth as stakeholders in designing goals that are meaningful and aligned with the youth’s own individual skills, dreams and competencies. We provide mentoring, guidance and course corrections in an environment in which it is safe to make mistakes as an inherent part of learning and practicing life skills. A key methodology is promoting awareness of choice. We work to expand youth understanding of how their own choices serve or do not serve them in achieving their stated goals.

JOB SUMMARY: The Residential Program Director provides care, supervision and program leadership to transition age foster youth living in BAYC’s group home, Esser House. The group home provides structured, supportive living for youth aged 14-20. The Program Director is the co-facilitator of a multidisciplinary team that provides care and milieu based treatment services. The Program Director actively supports and implements a strengths-based, culturally competent, client-centered approach to working with youth. This is a full time, regular, exempt management position that at time requires work weeks in excess of 40 hours and may require evening and weekend work.


1. Supervise program participants in the completion of their daily routines, implementing program utilized in the home.

2. Responsible for the staffing of regular shift group counselors, including hiring, training, evaluation, discipline and termination.

3. Responsible for the supervision of, substitute/relief/temporary counselors, work study students and volunteers.

4. Responsible for scheduling vacations and providing substitute/relief coverage for vacations, sick leave and open position.

5. Responsible for regular on-call duties.

6. Responsible for all aspects of the financial and operational management of the group  home including equipment purchases, repair and maintenance, monitoring and controlling budgeted expenses, and monitoring and accounting for special funds or grants that are made available on a periodic basis.

7. Responsible for monitoring all facets of vehicle maintenance, upkeep and use.

8. Responsible for assuring that the group home meets the agency’s standards for cleanliness and appearance.

9. Responsible for all aspects of licensing compliance, including health and safety regulations, monitoring maintenance needs of the facility and equipment assigned to the facility, and insuring that all paperwork and records regarding personnel or on-site record keeping meet licensing requirements, other than case files.

10. Responsible as a co-leader of the treatment team with the youth’s clinician, for the development, implementation and evaluation of the group home treatment program.

11. Responsible for carrying out various assignments in the area of community relations  which may include communication with schools, medical personnel, employment resources, community presentations and/or speaking engagements, communication with the agency Board of Directors, working membership in local or regional groups or committees.

12. Supervise facility maintenance.

13. Oversee the food reimbursement program.

14. Responsible for handling the essential duties of the youth’s clinician during vacations or sick leave or during times of unfilled positions.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and expectations required of the position.


Agency-Wide Core Competencies

Ethical Conduct

Understands and adheres to the Agency’s Code of Conduct, demonstrates a high level of integrity in all internal and external activities and complies with the Employee Handbook and all other Agency policies, practices and procedures. Must maintain strict confidentiality related to client, staff and other Agency information


Able to inform verbally and in writing, with clarity and good effect and to understand clearly and quickly when instructions or orders are received. Includes judgment about what information is important and what is not, and what should be communicated, how, to whom and when.


Able to make decisions in a timely fashion that are sound, accurate and supported by the reasoning and inclusion of appropriate people. Includes the ability to recognize, address and propose solutions to problems that arise.


The employee is safety conscious about the work environment and equipment. The work area is free of debris to prevent trip and slip hazards. All products and equipment are stored in its proper location. All safety guards and other safety devices are in its proper location, are functional, and utilized effectively on a consistent basis. Standard operating procedures, safety work rules and good general manufacturing practices are followed on a daily basis.

Position Specific Competencies

Agency Service Principles

  • Responsible for upholding the principles of youth-oriented, trauma-informed care in the Esser community and in all service provision.
  • Experience with and commitment to a youth development model
  • Knowledge of the foster care system
  • Knowledge of the obstacles current and former foster youth face
  • Knowledge of the cycle of Domestic Violence
  • Knowledge of the effects of Substance Abuse
  • Knowledge of community resources and public welfare system

Team Building

  • Ability to view families, both biological and chosen, as resources and support systems for youth, and commitment to involve families in services
  • Enthusiastic and strengths-based approach to partnering with youth and collaborating with peers.
  • Ability to establish and maintain rapport with participants as well as other professionals

Action Oriented

  • Ability to manage time effectively

Leadership Qualities

  • Commitment to effectiveness, prioritizing efficiency and follow-through.
  • Commitment to self-reflection and personal awareness as a means of being able to remain emotionally available and connected with youth, and function as an engaged team-member
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs, particularly Word and Excel

Fiscal Management

  • Commitment to managing program revenues and expenses on budget
  • understands the key drivers of revenues and expenses and takes appropriate action to manage both proactively
  • Creates a strong sense of financial responsibility and accountability with staff.

Managing Diversity

  • Commitment to working in a diverse workplace, and self-awareness regarding issues of race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion/spirituality and disability.
  • Passion for working with a diverse group of Transition Age Youth (TAY) including youth of color, LGBTQ youth, and youth with disabilities.

Organization Building

  • Able to lead, train, and motivate staff around areas of diversity and the provision of safe spaces and services.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a social science field is required.
  • Master’s Degree in Social Work, Counseling or Marriage and Family Therapy from an accredited university or college is strongly preferred.
  • 5 years’ experience working with children in a residential setting.
  • 3 years supervisory experience.
  • Valid Group Home Administrator Certification
  • Fingerprint clearance through Dept. of Social Services Community Care Licensing.
  • Valid California driver’s license, dependable car and proof of insurance.
  • Insurable by SHS’ automobile policy.


Sunny Hills Services is an Equal Opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, Vietnam era or other veteran status.

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