Director of Strategic Philanthropy and Impact Investing (NMAG)


The New Mexico Association of Grantmakers (NMAG) seeks a mission-driven, results-oriented leader to promote and strengthen strategic and collaborative philanthropy and impact investing practices in New Mexico. The Director will work closely with a dynamic leadership team of philanthropic organizations, including two key partner funder groups - the New Mexico Impact Investing Collaborative (NMIIC), and the New Mexico Collaborative Zone Grant (NMCZG). 

The Director is responsible for managing the respective teams and overseeing their work, including strategy implementation, member development, service, and operations. The Director will also represent the teams at the leadership level, helping to guide internal strategy and identifying strategic opportunities for innovation and growth in the field.

This is a unique position requiring a rich and diverse skill set and experience.  The Director will be required to provide leadership while attuning and being responsive to the diverse goals and needs of the funders and partners that comprise various collaborative efforts. This position offers an exciting opportunity to help shape collaborative work among philanthropic partners for positive social impact. The three key funder groups include the following:

The New Mexico Association of Grantmakers (NMAG)”) is a dynamic membership organization that brings philanthropic organizations together to build healthy, thriving, equity-driven New Mexico communities. NMAG works to strengthen the ties between philanthropy and its many stakeholders, including nonprofit organizations, government, business, media, academia, and the public at large.

The New Mexico Impact Investing Collaborative (NMIIC) supports healthy, equitable, sustainable, and economically vibrant communities by facilitating and increasing the supply and effective deployment of impact investing capital in New Mexico.

The New Mexico Collaborative Zone Grant (NMCZG) supports multi-sector collaborative project grants with planning, technical support and implementation funding to address complex social needs in communities across New Mexico.

Application Process

Candidates should submit a resume and one-page cover letter and three professional references via email in one PDF to [email protected] no later than Friday, April 10, 2020.  For questions contact Cathy Frey at 505-660-5073 (O) or 608-239-8640 (M). The New Mexico Association of Grantmakers is an equal opportunity employer and seeks diversity with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, and physical abilities.

Essential and Core Responsibilities

Member Engagement and Programming

  • Lead funder member engagement and programming to increase the effectiveness and impact of strategic and collaborative philanthropy in New Mexico.
  • Coordinate and deliver high-quality, relevant, value-added programming and services that meet the needs of a diverse membership with respect to foundation size, staff capacity, areas of interest and learning styles.
  • Grow the membership by engaging other funders or investors and sharing resources to promote effective networking relationships and partnerships, thereby creating wider impact.
  • Facilitate a culture of member sharing, connecting organizations to each other and with key partner groups to promote shared learning and other opportunities to engage.
  • Be a knowledgeable resource for members, key partner groups, and other stakeholders across all sectors to effectively address community needs and create equitable community solutions.

Funder and Cross-Sector Collaborative Philanthropy

  • Facilitate collaborative funder and cross-sector initiatives, including NMCZG and NMIIC, which includes project grant management, investment collaboration, programming, convening, communications and shared learning.
  • Work with and manage diverse interests of funders, to identify synergies and strategic opportunities for new and existing collaborations, and providing leadership that follows collective interests.
  • Support the development of collaborative capability among funders though facilitation and shared learning; engage with business and regional, state and local government officials as needed to promote cross-sector strategic collaboration.
  • Coordinate and manage collaborative philanthropic governance and reporting structures; organizational and collaborative dynamics among funders.
  • Coordinate and facilitate virtual or in-person meetings and educational convenings for new or existing funder collaborations; connecting effectively with the relevant work of others in the nonprofit sector.
  • Communicate with individual funders to support deliverables, answer questions and keep participating funders on track.
  • Work with the Philanthropy Program Coordinator for grantee communications and project management, including grant application, review and monitoring processes.
  • Work with other consultants or facilitators in support of convenings, producing reports and monitoring, as needed.

Catalyze Impact Investment

  • Lead New Mexico impact investing efforts, including NMIIC collaborative efforts, to develop and implement strategies, goals, and action plans to catalyze and scale impact investing practice in the region and ensure that impact investing strategies are implemented and deployed.
  • Engage, recruit and mobilize impact investing organizations and resources and potential investees; maintain member relationships according to key values, characteristics, and alignment.
  • Work with and manage diverse interests of impact investors and supporters/sponsors to facilitate effective impact investing collaboration and ecosystem development.
  • Coordinate and manage collaborative impact investing policy, process, governance and project reporting.
  • Serve as liaison and manager with content specific consultants (i.e. Investment advisory, due diligence), and ensure consultants meet the collaborative project and member needs.
  • Manage and oversee collaborative investment pipeline development and management, screening/review, due diligence, deal structuring, monitoring and evaluation processes of investment advisors.
  • Structure consultant work so that capital is being mobilized; sourcing and advancing deals that align investment interest and available capital from funder/ investors.
  • Plan, coordinate and engage in capacity building for investees and impact investors/funders.
  • Manage relationships and requirements with fiscal sponsors and contractors as needed.

External Relations and Engagement

  • Represent the three key funder groups and other collaborative work in the community through one-on-one meetings with members and partners, event attendance, speaking engagements, and participation in regional problem-solving convenings.
  • Conduct targeted outreach, engagement and build relationships with diverse stakeholders, existing and expanding philanthropic and impact investing members and partners.
  • Identify opportunities to connect work to existing and nascent efforts taking place in New Mexico and nationally.
  • Work closely with key partner groups to communicate collaborative accomplishments and opportunities to engage members and external stakeholders through online, media, and speaking engagements.

Project Management

  • Advise, manage, and mentor the work of team members, staff and consultants to build a community of collaboration that catalyzes learning and action through logistical and strategic program support.
  • Manage and lead internal and external communications within and across key partner initiatives.
  • Oversee project management including developing and implementing work plans, managing program implementation, evaluation and monitoring.
  • Lead event planning and coordination; engage input from key stakeholders and committees, manage contracts with content experts, fiscal sponsor relations and other vendors.
  • Supervise the Philanthropy Program Coordinator, including day to day work, mentoring professional development, and performance management.
  • Work closely with key funder group team members and leadership to ensure collaborative project and programming needs are met.


  • Work closely with key funder group leadership to develop memberships, sponsorships and other fundraising strategies to support strategic philanthropic and impact investing programming.
  • Work closely with key partner group team members to identify and respond to opportunities for funding and support, including routine updates on collaborative work and initiatives.
  • Manage and implement new grant applications and reporting process; writing/editing or overseeing applications and reports.
  • Align interest among initiatives and organize to attract national funding sources to support key partner and collaborative efforts in New Mexico.


Education and Experience

  • Graduate degree in relevant field (e.g., business, finance or nonprofit management).
  • Substantial expertise (10 or more years) working in the philanthropic sector, ideally including experiences with impact investing, in roles requiring significant leadership and management experience.
  • Considerable working knowledge of the philanthropic field, practices, and trends including impact investing, social enterprise, nonprofit management.
  • Understanding of collective grantmaking and investing decision making processes across various foundation types.
  • Proven success as a philanthropic or other investor, with experience overseeing or managing collaborations and/or complex financial transactions; building and scaling investment products.
  • Understanding of the local community and stakeholder’s needs, or willingness and ability to engage, listen and learn directly from local community members.
  • Demonstrated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) experience, cultural competency and familiarity specific to New Mexico’s communities, and the unique opportunities and challenges within the state.


  • Strong project management skills with flexibility to adapt responsively to changing need; ability to identify and address challenges through learning-based approaches.
  • Ability to manage and implement external communications to diverse stakeholders, including reporting on progress towards goals.
  • Good writing skills and ability to create effective emails, website, newsletter and other communications.
  • Excellent facilitation, client or member relationship development skills.
  • Excellent communication, strong presentation and public speaking skills with multiple audiences.
  • Advanced strategy and planning skills, including an ability to think strategically on both organizational and systems thinking frameworks.
  • Skilled in navigating complex organizational power dynamics, conflicting priorities, working with and integrating diversity rather than driving singular needs.
  • Comfort level with ambiguity, ability to adapt and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and responsive to new project needs and opportunities not previously identified.
  • Ability to manage and lead complex projects, to oversee and delegate to others on the team, and to meet deadlines.
  • Understanding of racial equity and structural racism (particularly in terms of capital and access to resources).

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