Rahsaan, you’re working with Gladys Knight?!

[caption id="attachment_3904" align="alignright" width="360"]The other (e)Pips: with Gladys Knight. The other (e)Pips: with Gladys Knight.[/caption] Mothers love to brag about their children. For them, it's a source of pride to say, "my daughter is a doctor" or "my son is a lawyer." In that moment of truth, it is universally understood that the mother was successful in raising her child well. My mom is proud of me, but she has always had difficulty describing what I do.  "Rahsaan spends other people's money for good causes" is usually the best she can muster. Getting the job as EPIP's new Executive Director didn't improve matters. "Now you're telling me you're a Pip?! I didn't know Gladys Knight was auditioning new back up singers." Let me explain to my mother (and anyone else who is interested) what EPIP is. (more…)

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