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The Organization

The National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers (NNCG), a project of the Tides Center, was founded in 2006 in response to grantmakers’ needs as they increasingly turn to consultants to support their work. NNCG’s mission is to increase the quality, effectiveness and capacity of grantmakers by mobilizing and strengthening the work of knowledgeable, ethical and experienced consultants.

As a mission-driven organization, NNCG champions quality in the field of philanthropy consulting by providing:

  • A forum for consultants dedicated to philanthropic effectiveness;
  • A learning community and access to resources, professional development and best practices support for consultants seeking increase their impact and that of their clients;
  • A national platform for consultants to engage with grantmakers and other strategic partners on philanthropy’s principal issues, challenges and opportunities.

NNCG’s network includes a distinguished membership of over 200 seasoned consultants and strategic partners. Full members are admitted and awarded NNCG’s “good housekeeping seal of approval” only upon demonstrating the depth and quality of their work with at least five grantmaker client references. Our members actively partner with grantmakers to deliver a diverse range of professional services and subject matter expertise. Our commitment to diversity is central to our membership, which represents a range of:

  • Demographic characteristics (including race, ethnicity, gender, age and sexual orientation);
  • Sizes and types of consulting practice;
  • Areas of expertise;
  • Types of grantmakers served;
  • Geographic locations.

Over the past two years NNCG has successfully created a dynamic Directory of Consultants and online Knowledge Base of member content, developed a variety of partnerships with national organizations (including The Foundation Center, The Foundation Review, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations and the National Center for Family Philanthropy) and attracted significant support to strengthen and grow the organization. The Steering Committee recently adopted a new Strategic Plan to guide the development of the organization for the next three years. NNCG is poised to increase its size, scope and national impact.

 The Position

Reporting to an 8-person Steering Committee and Steering Committee Chair, the Project Director is the sole regular employee and is responsible both for day-to-day administrative management and for working with the Steering Committee to achieve the organization’s strategic goals. As such, the Project Director functions as the sole liaison to the Tides Center. Given the organization’s network structure, in practice the Project Director is also responsible for cultivating, growing and maintaining effective working relationships with a wide range and number of stakeholders internally and externally. (This includes but is not limited to: Steering Committee members; the volunteer leadership, comprised of members serving in formal as well as ad hoc committees; members and prospective members; strategic partners; foundations and donors; philanthropy-serving organizations, vendors.) Additionally, the Project Director provides oversight of contracts, contractors and vendors for the organization.

Core responsibilities include:

Fund Development & Financial Management

Reporting bi-weekly to the Chair, plans and directs all fund development strategies and activities, creates and manages the organization’s budget. This includes:

  • With the approval of the volunteer leadership, creates annual fund development goals, plans and projections; implements and analyzes results.
    • Identifies, researches, and cultivates relationships with potential funders.
    • Researches and prepares proposals to foundations and other funding entities, with approval of Steering Committee.
    • Ensures compliance with all grant agreements, and prepares interim and final reports to funders with input from Steering Committee.
  • Working closely with the Treasurer, develops and monitors the annual and monthly NNCG budget.
    • In partnership with Treasurer, creates and monitors budgets in compliance with established bookkeeping procedures
    • Manages project finances, income and expense reporting in accordance with Tides Center cash management policies; takes action when notified of cash flow shortages
    • Follows all Tides Center procedures associated with the obligation and expenditure of funds; develops, submits to Steering Committee and Tides Center and manages the annual Regularly prepares and reviews the project’s budgets and fiscal status with the Steering Committee and Tides Center staff.
    • As needed and in partnership with the Treasurer, proposes budget modifications to Steering Committee.
    • Authorizes all financial transactions with the approval of the Steering Committee in accordance with funding guidelines and Tides Center policies.
    • Resolves any excess expenditure, unallowable cost, personnel or other risk management issues of the project in a timely manner.

Membership Support and Growth

Reporting bi-weekly to the Chair, retains and grows the number of members and strategic partners. This includes:

  • Analyzes and sets annual membership recruiting and renewal/retention targets, in alignment with NNCG’s growth and diversity goals.
  • With the approval of the volunteer leadership, designs and implements membership recruiting and renewal/retention Actively expands contacts and outreach to prospective members, identifies incentives and mobilizes volunteers.
  • Handles membership development activities (routine invitations, screening, renewals, and welcome/orientation notifications), in conjunction with contractors as needed.
  • Working with contractors as needed, processes all new member intake – including vetting references – compiles and updates information on NNCG members to ensure accuracy and currency, and provides overall quality control.
  • Promotes and ensures the active engagement of members in NNCG activities and programs that support the organization’s mission.

Strategic Communications, Partnerships & Programs

Reporting bi-weekly to the Chair, plans, initiates and manages all marketing and public relations efforts, promoting and expanding the reach and impact of NNCG’s mission, members, content and programmatic events. Serves as NNCG’s spokesperson. Develops formal partnerships with allied organizations.

  • With the approval of the Steering Committee, develops communications goals and strategies for multiple audiences (including members, grantmakers, grantmaker associations, consultants, and the media).
  • With the approval of the volunteer leadership, Steering Committee and contracted staff, manages, maintains and updates the NNCG website, establishing it as the go-to resource on philanthropic consulting.
  • Regularly communicates with members, including but not limited to: monthly e- newsletters; monthly webinars; ongoing social media outreach; periodic briefings and updates.
  • Promotes use of NNCG’s platforms and content, including the Consultants’ Directory and Knowledge Center.
  • Promotes programmatic events (webinars, regional and annual member convenings, ) and other content developed by members and/or in partnership with other organizations.
  • Cultivates and stewards excellent relationships with other allied organizations.
  • Initiates, designs and implements strategic content revenue partnerships with other allied organizations.
  • Identifies and coordinates opportunities to exhibit at conferences and events.
  • Oversees work done by contracted staff on routine and other communications.


Reporting bi-weekly to the Chair, serves as NNCG’s chief administrator and point of contact. With the approval of the volunteer leadership, advances the overall growth and development of NNCG by providing vision and leadership to the organization, its members and strategic partners. Works with and coordinates contractors and vendors, ensuring deliverables are met.

  • Develops and manages the NNCG work plan to achieve annual goals and objectives as set out in the current Strategic Plan.
  • In partnership with contracted staff, manages and maintains internal systems and web- based databases, ensuring highest standards of excellence.
  • Supports the Steering Committee and the volunteer leadership by planning agendas, developing all supporting materials, coordinating, reporting and follow-up, and other duties as needed.
  • In partnership with Steering Committee and the volunteer leadership, recruits NNCG member engagement.
  • Informs Tides Center of any new program activities in order to assure timely budgeting and assessment of potential risks.
  • Collaborates with Tides Center to develop internal systems that enable the project to effectively utilize Tides Center and track activities as required.


The Project Director will be an experienced executive with outstanding entrepreneurial and collaborative skills, capable of leading a dynamic, networked organization within a virtual office environment. The successful candidate will possess the following:

  • Passion for and commitment to NNCG’s mission
  • Bachelor’s degree (required), Master’s degree (preferred)
  • Minimum of five years of progressively responsible management experience
  • Knowledge of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors
  • Demonstrated ability to raise funds
  • Excellent communications and relationship-building skills, able to energize and lead diverse groups of people
  • Results-driven entrepreneurial approach, able to execute alone as well as to manage and coach others
  • Demonstrated organizational and project management skills, able to set and meet deadlines with quality results
  • Demonstrated proficiency in online tools, techniques and technologies as well as those associated with a virtual office environment (e.g., webinar and other platforms, email and member management software, social networking, event management, ‘cloud’ data storage)


The Project Director position requires typical office work of telephone and computer operations, involving sitting, speaking, use of conference calling services. Written reports will require computer use and overseeing and creating content for the project website will require ability to use computers. The project position will also involve periodic travel to US cities and assistance in setting up conference displays. Carrying and moving boxes and chairs (up to 15 pounds) is required for these events.


The Project Director is an exempt full-time position. Exempt employees are expected to work the appropriate and necessary time in order to complete key assignments and related tasks on schedule. Limited travel will be required. The salary range is set at $70,000-80,000 depending on experience, and benefits will be provided. Employment will be via one-year contract, renewable for up to three years.

NNCG is a virtual organization and as such, the Project Director can be located anywhere in the continental US. The Project Director will work in his/her own environment, which may be a home office or other location. Space for a limited number of hard copies of records will be required, as well as all necessary office equipment (e.g. a computer with high-speed internet connection, printer, scanner and fax machine, etc.).


Please send a cover letter, resume and examples of your work via email to NNCG Project Assistant Lori Jolliffe at:[email protected]. Please also note how you heard about this position.

NNCG, a project of Tides Center, is an “at-will” and equal opportunity employer. Applicants and employees shall not be discriminated against because of race, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender (including pregnancy and gender expression) identity, color, marital status, veteran status, medical condition, or any other classification protected by federal, state, or local law or ordinance. Reasonable accommodation will be made so that qualified disabled applicants may participate in the application process.

Please advise in writing of any special needs at the time of application. For more information, please visit our website at:

Download this job description.

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