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Position Summary

Ignite Philanthropy: Inspiring the End to Violence Against Girls and Boys is a pooled, collaborative donor fund comprising Human Dignity Foundation, Oak Foundation, and Wellspring Philanthropic Fund.  Ignite Philanthropy’s goal is to maximize philanthropy’s collective ability to take risks and act boldly in support of evidence-based solutions that prevent violence and help girls and boys to thrive. 

Illustrative examples of Ignite Philanthropy initiatives include the following:  

1) Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Sexual Violence Against Children (SVAC) Index Advocacy Fund

The EIU’s SVAC Index – titled Out of the Shadows – is the first major international study focused specifically on the ubiquitous crisis of child sexual abuse and exploitation. The Index authoritatively measures the extent to which national-level stakeholders (i.e., government, the private sector, civil society, academia, and the media) are acknowledging SVAC, and to which they are implementing measures to address and prevent it.  In January 2019, the EIU launched the first iteration of the Index covering 40 countries; more than 50 articles, radio or TV spots covered the Index around the world within one month’s time (e.g., see The Guardian).  Ignite Philanthropy has commissioned further EIU work to increase Index coverage to 60 countries and thereby reflect 85% of the world’s children.

Ignite Philanthropy has concurrently launched a $1.25M Advocacy Fund to expand efforts to translate the Index into action at national, regional, and global levels.  Taking advantage of the unprecedented opportunities created by the EIU SVAC Index, the Advocacy Fund will issue small, fast, and flexible funding to local and regional advocates in key strategy countries who can push industry and governments to more effectively address child sexual abuse.

2) End Violence Investors Forum

Among other priorities, Ignite Philanthropy seeks to help build a strong resource, asset, and commitment base for effective efforts to prevent violence against children.  To this end, Ignite Philanthropy supported the 2017-2018 conceptualization and incubation of the End Violence Investors Forum.  The Investors Forum convenes major, international, public and private, source donors to collaborate and to align and increase funding and advocacy for urgently ending violence against children, in support of the mission of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children.

A core group of bilateral and philanthropic donors held the Forum’s first two in-person meetings in 2018 and will continue guiding future efforts.  Among others, participating public and private donors include the Governments of Canada, Japan, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States, and Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, Human Dignity Foundation, Oak Foundation, Porticus Global, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, and World Childhood Foundation.  Ignite Philanthropy is committed to progressively developing, testing, and refining the Investors Forum concept over 2019-2020 in collaboration with these donors and future donor participants.

The Program Assistant will play a central role in ensuring effective coordination and administration across these and other Ignite Philanthropy initiatives as necessary.  S/he will work closely with the core Ignite Philanthropy team of three, the New Venture Fund Account Team that supports Ignite Philanthropy, and with Ignite donors, consultants, and grantee and other partners in order to maximize operational efficiency and impact.

The Program Assistant position location is flexible although preferably in or near ET or CET time zones, as the most frequent communications will be with colleagues in these time zones.  Ignite staff work remotely in their respective countries of residence, typically from home offices or similar settings.  Ignite Philanthropy welcomes and encourages candidates from low- and middle-income countries to apply for this role and join our team.

Hours per week (average): 40

Overtime Status: Non-Exempt

Annual Salary: Approximately $45,000 plus generous benefits if as a U.S.A.-based employee; approximately $60,000 all-inclusive fee if based elsewhere as a consultant; negotiable based upon experience, location, etc.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Support all Ignite Philanthropy grantmaking and contracting processes, including but not limited to liaising with grantee partners and contractors/consultants as needed for due diligence review (e.g., translators, legal counsel), and collaborating closely with the New Venture Fund Account Team in order to facilitate grants/contracts/payments as needed
  • Assist in overseeing grant/contract reporting processes, conducting review of all narrative/budget reporting, and supporting as necessary around any follow-up issues that emerge
  • Streamline and maintain programmatic files, work plans, and planning calendars
  • Assist in coordinating and supporting the development of Ignite Philanthropy proposals and reports
  • Provide administrative and programmatic assistance as needed to the Director and to other Ignite Philanthropy activities, including proactive support around travel, scheduling, expense reconciliation, and meeting planning and execution

Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Ability   

  • Minimum 2 years of relevant professional experience
  • Professional experience with a grantmaking institution
  • International experience
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook
  • Familiarity with budget and financial management
  • Native or near-native English fluency
  • Excellent fit with Ignite Philanthropy’s ethos and approach
  • Demonstrated cultural awareness and sensitivity to the diversity of values, views and approaches to issues relevant to Ignite Philanthropy allies and partners around the world
  • Exemplary interpersonal skills, very collegial demeanor, and ability to build relationships and communicate effectively and professionally with a diverse range of partners
  • Experience working with remote colleagues/partners, and independently without close oversight
  • Exceptional reliability, organizational skills, and attention to detail
  • Ability to multitask and meet deadlines, and demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities
  • Ability to take creative initiative and contribute ideas for enhancing performance and impact
  • Excellent writing, analytical, and oral communication skills including the ability to collect, review, synthesize, and present information
  • Ability to conduct calls at early/late hours as needed to accommodate partners’ diverse time zones
  • Occasional international travel required

Valued and Non-Essential Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Ability

  • Bachelors’ degree in a relevant field
  • Professional experience in low- and middle-income countries
  • Additional United Nations official languages

To Apply

To apply for this post, please send a letter of application stating the skills and approach that you would bring to the role along with your CV/resume (no photos) to Katie Davies at [email protected].  Please note in the letter where you learned about the post.  The deadline for applications is Sunday, May 12th, 2019.

Hiring Statement

Ignite Philanthropy: Inspiring the End to Violence Against Girls and Boys is a project of New Venture Fund (NVF), a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity that incubates new and innovative public-interest projects and grant-making programs. NVF is committed to attracting, developing and retaining exceptional people, and to creating a work environment that is dynamic, rewarding and enables each of us to realize our potential. NVF’s work environment is safe and open to all employees and partners, respecting the full spectrum of race, color, religious creed, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, political affiliation, ancestry, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, and all other classifications protected by law in the locality and/or state in which you are working.

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