Professional and Leadership Development

Through our strategic plan, EPIP is revamping its professional and leadership development framework. Our prior framework, Measuring A Leader, was focused on a set of skills that would help

  • Hard skills development, including both “standard” job-related professional skills as well as newer approaches to the work (e.g., design thinking)
  • Learning philanthropy, including the history of the field, different models of and roles for philanthropy, and the mechanics and craft of the work
  • Social justice and equity, including the history of social justice work, specific social justice issues, content related to specific populations and how to bring an equity lens to one’s work 
  • Leadership stance, helping our members find their own, personal approach to leadership within and outside their institutions
  • Internal and external advocacy and influence, including managing up, supporting organizational change, and engaging in leadership and activism outside of work
  • Current events and philanthropy, putting both positive news and reports of injustice in context and helping members explore how they and their institutions might respond, and
  • Career advancement, helping members identify and chart potential career paths.

We will be developing or updating programming across these categories as our plan unfolds.

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