Practices That Matter – Project Streamline Takes Stock

Grantmakers want their grants to support nonprofits missions, but burdensome application and reporting practices get in the way.  In fact, the cumulative impact of the philanthropic sector’s requirements undermines nonprofit effectiveness, causing grantseekers to devote too much time to seeking funding (often without payoff) and reporting on grants (often without benefit) to the detriment of their mission-based work. After five years, Project Streamline – a field-wide effort led by the Grants Managers Network – has taken stock of how far streamlining has come.  In a just-released report, Practices That Matter, Project Streamline documents how a lack of feedback and a mismatch between foundation values and practices lead to persistent issues that waste grantseeker time and cause unnecessary aggravation. The report doesn’t just point out problems – it also suggests streamlining steps that matter most. Find out how well you’re doing by taking the “How Do You Line Up” quiz, and get no-nonsense advice from Ask Dr. Streamline. 

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