Policy Advocate (CFPA)

Note: California Food Policy Advocates is hiring either a Policy Advocate or a Policy Associate. To read the Policy Associate job description, click here.

Duties and Responsibilities

Daily activities generally include developing, advocating, and implementing policy solutions; analysis; research; writing for a variety of audiences; and speaking with numerous, varied stakeholders. More specifically, daily activities may include:

  • Crafting and delivering persuasive arguments; identifying key messages and messengers; mapping power and influence; and otherwise advocating to increase access to nutritious, affordable food for Californians with low income;
  • Engaging with diverse groups of stakeholders, including, but not limited to, individuals experiencing hunger and food insecurity; community-based organizations; researchers; advocacy organizations; government administrators; and elected officials;
  • Gathering stories and perspectives; analyzing data; and synthesizing research or other evidence to inform proposed and existing policies;
  • Drafting of policy memos, factsheets, reports, and other written publications as well as summarizing content into visually appealing materials for a variety of audiences;
  • Actively representing CFPA at state and local meetings relevant to CFPA’s mission, priorities, and agendas;
  • Coordinating special projects, including local and statewide educational and advocacy events; and
  • Carrying out grant deliverables and contributing to grant proposals and grant reports.

Note: To carry out the above responsibilities, same-day travel within the state is required. Occasional overnight travel is required. Travel requirements will vary by project and assignments and are not always predictable.


Relevant skills and experience include advocacy, leadership, communication, strategic thinking, and a strong commitment to improving nutrition, health, and well-being for low-income Californians.

Required skills and experience

  • At least five years of relevant work experience. Relevant coursework may contribute to this requirement -OR-
  • A graduate degree in a relevant field, such as public policy, public health, social welfare, or nutrition and at least two years of relevant work experience;
  • Excellent written communication skills;
  • Excellent verbal communication skills;
  • Problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills;
  • The ability to work independently, coordinate projects, and respond appropriately to multiple priorities; and
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software, Google Docs, and Internet browsers.

Desired skills and experience

  • Demonstrated skills and experience with respect to
    • Strategic communications or media advocacy;
    • Policymaker education and lobbying;
    • Community organizing and engagement;
    • Policy-relevant research and data analysis; and/or
    • Data visualization and mapping
  • Advocacy experience with poverty, health, nutrition or a related social movement
  • Knowledge of issues affecting low-income populations
  • Experience working with elected officials and/or administrators in education, health, or human services
  • Working knowledge of legislative and/or government decision- and budget-making processes
  • Public speaking experience
  • An understanding of and a willingness to address institutional and structural racism, implicit and explicit bias, and their impacts on under-resourced and underrepresented communities
  • Experience incorporating the perspectives of multiple communities, particularly under-resourced and under-represented communities, in policy, programmatic, or operational decisions
  • Experience considering the impacts of proposed and existing policies or programs on multiple communities, particularly under-resourced and under-represented communities
  • Experience with GoogleApps and WordPress
  • Demonstrated fluency and/or literacy in more than one language a plus

To Apply

All applicants must complete this short survey link. No exceptions.

In addition, applicants must send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Please include your full name when labeling files/attachments (e.g. [First Name]-[Last Name]-CoverLetter)

We believe lived experiences with hunger, poverty, and inequity can provide uniquely valuable insight to this position, to our organization, and to the broader anti-hunger & anti-poverty movements. With this in mind, applicants for this position have the option to share their lived experiences that are relevant to our mission and work. Applicants who decide to describe such lived experience may do so in their cover letter, or if more space is needed, in a separate statement that is one page or less in length. This statement can be submitted as an attachment along with a resume and cover letter.

Making progress towards our mission means addressing social inequities that perpetuate hunger, poverty, and other harmful outcomes. Advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion is both a core value and an important strategy for our organization. With this in mind, applicants have the option to share their vision for, commitment to, or experience with advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion. Applicants may include these details in their cover letter, or if more space is needed, in a separate statement that is one page or less in length. This statement may be submitted as an attachment along with a resume and cover letter.

To streamline review, please submit all application documents together at one time.

CFPA is actively working to build a talented team that’s inclusive of diverse cultures, experiences, and communities. Underrepresented individuals and those with a personal connection to our mission are encouraged to apply. All applicants are given careful consideration.


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