Past Programs

Generating Change

Generating Change was created to encourage and enable funders to increase support for talent development in grantee organizations and to build a healthy leadership pipeline for the nonprofit sector. We will be revisiting this research as we develop our advocacy and influence agenda.


Inclusive Leadership Cohort

EPIP's inaugural Inclusive Leadership Cohort was launched in partnership with Inclusion Ventures in 2015. The program provides a unique opportunity for EPIP chapter leaders to explore issues of race, social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion with an intimate group of their peers.

The 4-month program, led by Amy Lazarus of Inclusion Ventures, includes webinars, individual research and group calls, and culminates in a one-day training and retreat at EPIP's New York headquarters at the Centre for Social Innovation. As a group, the cohort examines how identity, implicit bias and structural inequities impact their work and the social sector at large.

We will be revisiting cohort-based programming now that we have updated our organizational strategy.


Measuring a Leader

Working with human resource professionals in foundations, EPIP developed a list of skills vital to EPIP members' professional development. EPIP staff then worked with chapters to develop and support local and virtual programming related to the Measuring a Leader skills.

The original source materials are still available at the link above. Through our strategic plan, we incorporated these skills into a new, broader framework that focuses on developing our members both as skilled professionals and as complete change agents.



Philanthropology was developed in 2006 to provide EPIP members with an in-depth, critical study of philanthropy and social justice. The original curriculum is available at the link above. We are happy to adapt elements of it for our individual and institutional members as desired. We plan to update the curriculum in the future.


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