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Pledge 1%, Building a Movement of Active Corporate Philanthropy:

Pledge 1% is a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business. The movement encourages and facilitates companies to pledge 1% of their equity, product, and/or employee time for the benefit their communities. Leading technology companies Salesforce, Atlassian and Rally have been practicing and promoting this model of corporate philanthropy for years and, in 2014, came together to accelerate a shared vision around integrating philanthropy and business by launching a movement for other companies to join. In one year, over 500 companies have taken the pledge and committed 1% of their equity, employee time and/or product to benefit charitable needs in their local communities.

In order to scale this effort domestically and internationally into a broad movement, Pledge 1% is joining forces with Tides, which will serve as fiscal sponsor and implementing partner of this nonprofit initiative. Tides is a San Francisco-based foundation and nonprofit partner committed to building a world of shared prosperity and social justice.

Position Summary:

The Pledge 1% (P1) movement is at an exciting juncture as it builds on its first year of success with over 500 pledge commitments made to date. The first full-time P1 Executive Director (ED) will build on this momentum to bring P1 into its next stage of growth and impact. This position calls for:

  • A dynamic advocate for innovative corporate philanthropy and a positive motivator of social change in the private sector;
  • A confident leader who is as comfortable engaging with CEOs and executives from billion dollar companies as with the leaders of early stage, high-growth enterprises;
  • An effective “closer” who can bring potential pledge partners from first contact to commitment and implementation; and
  • A creative thinker and agile manager to scale up a corporate movement, build a sustainable business model and call upon nonprofit social enterprise expertise to support and promote the strategic plan.

The ED will build, educate and grow the P1 movement of integrated philanthropy by engaging early and later stage high-growth technology companies, venture capital firms and influencers, so that companies can successfully build the 1-1-1 model into their cultures by leveraging their valuable resources for good. To that end, the primary responsibility of the ED is to lead P1 to close on an additional 1,000 pledges in 2016 and build the organizational elements required to scale and track pledge commitments and the impact that pledge partners are having through their charitable 1% efforts.

The ED will manage a to-be-hired local full-time Pledge Manager and coordinate the efforts of remote part-time staff provided by key partners. The ED will work closely with Tides, which provides a full suite of nonprofit infrastructure services; including finance, accounting, payroll and benefits, and legal services. The ED will be a full-time exempt employee of Tides, report to the Tides Director of Strategic Partnerships, and engage closely with the P1 Advisory Board. The Board includes senior executives of Salesforce, Atlassian, Rally and Tides, all of whom are committed to the growth and success of P1.

The ED will be provided with a competitive executive compensation package commensurate with experience. The role will be based in San Francisco with an expectation of one-third time spent at the Tides offices in the Presidio, one-third working from home (if desired) in the Bay area, and one-third traveling domestically and internationally.

Key Responsibilities:

o Be the Face and Voice for the Movement

  • Engage with potential pledge partners, CEOs, investors and technology industry leaders to share the vision and build support.
  • Present the value proposition to small and large groups to drive interest and scale pledge commitments.
  • Represent the movement effectively at industry conferences, in the broadcast and print media, and be a thought leader in the corporate philanthropy space.

o Build a Healthy and Dynamic Organization

  •  Build and manage closely to an annual budget and report to Tides, the Advisory Board, and funders on financial health and stability.
  • Develop a sustainable business model and new non-grant revenue sources likely including membership revenue and other earned income.
  • Lead the effort to raise grants support from current and new corporate supporters to enhance the sustainability of the work.
  • Hire and manage a Pledge Manager who will oversee Pledge implementation and tracking.
  • Coordinate and indirectly manage remote part–time staff seconded to the effort by key partners.
  • Work effectively with Tides as P1’s fiscal sponsor and implementation partner and leverage the human resources, finance, accounting, and legal infrastructure resources Tides’ provides.

o Close New Pledges

  • Create, grow and maintain a pipeline of pledge prospects.
  • Close late stage companies to deliver immediate social impact.
  • Foster the movement longer term by closing early stage companies whose pledge impact will scale over time.

o Manage Launches and Develop Launch Momentum

  • Plan and execute 1-2 launches per quarter with regional partners, featuring leading companies who have taken the pledge.
  • Identify and close key prospect companies for regional launches. Build out and maintain networks in launch cities (likely including NY, SF, Austin, London, Sydney, and Denver).
  • Identify and create small group opportunities for peer-to-peer ask.
  • Build and represent Pledge 1% in smaller events at venture capital firms and other ecosystem influencers to raise awareness and support of the movement.

o Build Out Partnerships

  • Work with the Advisory Board and other key influencers to build a robust list of “channel” and referral partners, e.g., venture firms, accelerator programs, Techstars, B-Corps, and law firms.
  • Grow and manage partnerships to reinforce the pledge goals.
  • Build a strategy to incorporate partners into launches, including leading regional partners (such as Full Circle Fund, Robin Hood Foundation, Tipping Point, etc.).

o Improve the P1 Website and Resource Portal

  • Enhance the effectiveness of the P1 website as the key portal for learning about and implementing the P1 model.
  • Build a plan and identify partners and resources required to provide appropriate content and toolkits to help companies integrate the 1-1-1 model more self-sufficiently.
  • Manage contractors to produce company case studies for the website.
  • Develop systems and materials for companies implementing the 1-1-1 model to track and report their charitable activities and impact and then aggregate key impact data at the P1 impact level.

o Enhance the Movement’s Messaging and Communications

  • Create thought leadership and case studies to demonstrate outcomes of programs.
  • Work with partners’ PR teams on press releases, articles and op-eds on the P1 model.

Desired Skills, Knowledge, and Ability

  • Demonstrated commitment to social change and ability to engage in strategic thinking and conversation.
  • Deep experience in seeking and gaining meaningful commitments from corporate partners, fundraising from corporate partners, and business development for social sector and/or private sector organizations.
  • Proven leadership ability to take on an early stage company, social enterprise or project and scale up the effort by developing the business model, team, fundraising plan, and organization.
  • Experience working with technology and high growth company CEOs and corporate executives, start-up management teams and venture capital investors.
  • Outstanding public presentation skills in small and large settings, for conference panels and keynote speeches, and in media.
  • Superb verbal and written communication skills, including proposal and report development and presentations to prospects, boards of directors, funders, and other stakeholders.
  • Strong skills in consultative selling. Track record of success in developing new client relationships and moving prospects to closing.
  • Experience with internal sales processes, including managing a pipeline and keeping contact records current.
  • Track record of fundraising success with corporate grants and a proven ability to develop and advance an earned revenue and/or membership model to sustain the organization’s financial needs.
  • The ability to assimilate and present information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Excellent interpersonal and relationship-building skills, with experience working in complex team settings. Experience working in a collaborative internal environment.
  • Highly motivated for success and working toward both mission and financial goals. Able to simultaneously manage multiple demands with comfort.
  • Holds self and others accountable for high-quality, timely, and effective results. Maintains a high level of integrity and consistent ethical judgment in all working relationships and related duties.
  • Demonstrated sensitivity to and appreciation for diverse viewpoints and different communication styles while working with diverse colleagues and pledge partners.
  • High proficiency and confidence with multiple software and database systems, including Salesforce and MS Office suite of products.

Experience and Education:

  • 15+ years of relevant professional experience, in the corporate, corporate social responsibility, venture capital, philanthropic marketing and/or nonprofit sectors.
  • Undergraduate degree in relevant area of study. Graduate degree in relevant area of study desirable but not required.

Application Instructions:

Only candidates who meet the above-stated qualifications will be considered. Your resume MUST INCLUDE A COVER LETTER EXPRESSING YOUR INTEREST IN WORKING FOR PLEDGE 1% AND WHY YOU ARE QUALIFIED FOR THIS JOB. Apply online at www.tides.org/about/jobs.

Equal Employment Opportunity:

Tides is an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage and seek applications from women, people of color, and bilingual and bicultural individuals, as well as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Applicants shall not be discriminated against because of race, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, marital status, or medical condition including acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and AIDS-related conditions.

Applicants with Disabilities:

Reasonable accommodation will be made so that qualified disabled applicants may participate in the application process. Please advise in writing of special needs at the time of application.

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