On Being Young in Philanthropy

Allie YeeAllie Yee is a fellow at the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and an EPIP member. She responded to the EPIP summer challenge asking EPIP members to share the ways they are exercising leadership this summer. This is Allie's story.  “I don’t know anything about nonprofit financials.” That’s what I said to a program officer last summer when I started at the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation in North Carolina. After a month on the job and just three months out of undergrad, I was about to start my first grant cycle and felt completely unprepared to make judgments on which nonprofits to fund, much less assess their financial health with any sophistication. Thankfully, my first grant cycle consisted largely of shadowing program officers, so I skated by on just an introduction to the basics and an assurance to just use my common sense. (more…)

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